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Washington, Georgia, USA


Latitude: 33.0002800, Longitude: -82.8000000


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Avant, Zella  3 Sep 1892Washington, Georgia, USA I13122
2 Baker, Nancy  1818Washington, Georgia, USA I9027
3 Braddy, Lavanna  25 Jun 1881Washington, Georgia, USA I13119
4 Brown, Edward Roger  7 Apr 1905Washington, Georgia, USA I32647
5 Cason, Carlos  19 May 1874Washington, Georgia, USA I9794
6 Cason, Dennis  17 Feb 1803Washington, Georgia, USA I9607
7 Cason, Eliza  30 Oct 1845Washington, Georgia, USA I9820
8 Cason, John D  1858Washington, Georgia, USA I11706
9 Cason, John J  28 Feb 1889Washington, Georgia, USA I9828
10 Cason, Patience Hodges  6 Oct 1842Washington, Georgia, USA I9814
11 Cason, Roger E  24 Jul 1878Washington, Georgia, USA I9807
12 Coe, John B  27 Oct 1863Washington, Georgia, USA I5052
13 Douglas, Robert  1790Washington, Georgia, USA I4671
14 Elkins, Ada  25 Apr 1878Washington, Georgia, USA I11031
15 Elkins, Albion Lee  2 Jan 1880Washington, Georgia, USA I11032
16 Elkins, Benjamin Franklin  11 Mar 1900Washington, Georgia, USA I11039
17 Elkins, Erastus Caswell  11 Sep 1881Washington, Georgia, USA I11033
18 Elkins, George Leon  19 May 1889Washington, Georgia, USA I11036
19 Elkins, Gordon M  27 May 1887Washington, Georgia, USA I11035
20 Elkins, James H  18 Oct 1884Washington, Georgia, USA I11034
21 Elkins, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie"  30 Sep 1891Washington, Georgia, USA I11037
22 Elkins, Oscar Asbury  25 Dec 1897Washington, Georgia, USA I11038
23 Elkins, Owen P  1859Washington, Georgia, USA I11029
24 Elkins, Samuel Gordon  16 Jun 1855Washington, Georgia, USA I11028
25 Lord, Nancy  30 Oct 1830Washington, Georgia, USA I27170
26 Massey, Sarah  18 Jul 1806Washington, Georgia, USA I9809
27 Robinson, Anna Lee  1868Washington, Georgia, USA I11727
28 Robinson, Baby  1879Washington, Georgia, USA I11733
29 Robinson, Carlos W.  1872Washington, Georgia, USA I11729
30 Robinson, Hattie L.  1874Washington, Georgia, USA I11730
31 Robinson, John W  1870Washington, Georgia, USA I11728
32 Robinson, Lizzie C.  1866Washington, Georgia, USA I11726
33 Robinson, Mattie M.  1876Washington, Georgia, USA I11731
34 Robinson, Pearl E.  1878Washington, Georgia, USA I11732
35 Robinson, Sarah L.  1864Washington, Georgia, USA I11725
36 Robinson, William R  1832Washington, Georgia, USA I8442
37 Smith, Jeremiah Burkett  15 Oct 1804Washington, Georgia, USA I35958
38 Thrift, Penelope Penny  1810Washington, Georgia, USA I5868
39 Watkins, Marvin Thomas  10 Jan 1920Washington, Georgia, USA I29472


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Cason, Addiegene  16 Apr 1972Washington, Georgia, USA I9905
2 Cason, Whitehurst  1818Washington, Georgia, USA I8464
3 Cason, William  1845Washington, Georgia, USA I9810
4 Jones, Elizabeth  10 Jun 1859Washington, Georgia, USA I9825
5 Massey, Abel  18 Apr 1859Washington, Georgia, USA I9824
6 Robinson, Thomas  1827Washington, Georgia, USA I1756
7 Wilkes, James Ira  5 May 1921Washington, Georgia, USA I17495


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Cason, Dennis  12 Jan 1863Washington, Georgia, USA I9607


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cason, Abel  Washington, Georgia, USA I9803
2 Cason, Abel  1860Washington, Georgia, USA I9803
3 Cason, Dennis  1860Washington, Georgia, USA I9607
4 Cason, George D  Washington, Georgia, USA I10985
5 Cason, George D  1860Washington, Georgia, USA I10985
6 Cason, John D  1860Washington, Georgia, USA I11706
7 Cason, John H  Washington, Georgia, USA I9815
8 Cason, Levi Richardson  Washington, Georgia, USA I9812
9 Cason, Mary F  1860Washington, Georgia, USA I9819
10 Cason, Nellie A  1860Washington, Georgia, USA I9818
11 Cason, Rhoda E  1860Washington, Georgia, USA I9817
12 Cason, William  Washington, Georgia, USA I9813
13 Elkins, Owen P  Washington, Georgia, USA I10978
14 Elkins, Owen P  1860Washington, Georgia, USA I11029
15 Elkins, Owen P  1860Washington, Georgia, USA I10978
16 Elkins, Samuel Gordon  1860Washington, Georgia, USA I11028
17 Hodges, Henry L  1860Washington, Georgia, USA I10979


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Cason / Massey  1 Jan 1829Washington, Georgia, USA F3588
2 Elkins / Cason  14 Apr 1853Washington, Georgia, USA F3661
3 Elkins / Smith  15 Dec 1901Washington, Georgia, USA F4003
4 McAfee / Smith  10 Nov 1867Washington, Georgia, USA F4467
5 Melton / Franklin  17 Jun 1896Washington, Georgia, USA F10118
6 Melton / Franklin  3 Nov 1897Washington, Georgia, USA F10300
7 Tucker / Cason  29 Jan 1861Washington, Georgia, USA F3660