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Warren, Georgia, USA


Latitude: 33.4333300, Longitude: -82.6833300


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Burson, David Lawson  28 Oct 1811Warren, Georgia, USA I42123
2 Cason, Adam  2 Jul 1811Warren, Georgia, USA I8498
3 Cason, Adam Rogers  1849Warren, Georgia, USA I9019
4 Cason, Adam Rogers Jr  23 Oct 1882Warren, Georgia, USA I11745
5 Cason, Alexander T  1844Warren, Georgia, USA I9024
6 Cason, Aliph A  1842Warren, Georgia, USA I9498
7 Cason, Amanda E  1833Warren, Georgia, USA I9504
8 Cason, Daniel W  1835Warren, Georgia, USA I9505
9 Cason, David M  1841Warren, Georgia, USA I9022
10 Cason, Durham  1885Warren, Georgia, USA I11743
11 Cason, Hugh A  1891Warren, Georgia, USA I11744
12 Cason, Hugh Bunyan  Aug 1855Warren, Georgia, USA I9021
13 Cason, Ida J  1841Warren, Georgia, USA I9497
14 Cason, James A  1846Warren, Georgia, USA I9500
15 Cason, James McCurdy  9 Jul 1800Warren, Georgia, USA I8495
16 Cason, John  Abt 1855Warren, Georgia, USA I34253
17 Cason, John Franklin  2 Jun 1808Warren, Georgia, USA I8497
18 Cason, John R  1843Warren, Georgia, USA I9023
19 Cason, Leodicea  22 Jun 1814Warren, Georgia, USA I8499
20 Cason, Lovie  1811Warren, Georgia, USA I9368
21 Cason, Martha E  1836Warren, Georgia, USA I9495
22 Cason, Martha E  1843Warren, Georgia, USA I9506
23 Cason, Mary  1839Warren, Georgia, USA I9496
24 Cason, Mary Ann "Polly"  20 Jul 1798Warren, Georgia, USA I8494
25 Cason, Mary E  1848Warren, Georgia, USA I9501
26 Cason, Mary J  1831Warren, Georgia, USA I9503
27 Cason, Matthew  19 Feb 1804Warren, Georgia, USA I8496
28 Cason, Nancy A S  1844Warren, Georgia, USA I9499
29 Cason, Sanders  1852Warren, Georgia, USA I9020
30 Cason, Sarah  Abt 1859Warren, Georgia, USA I34254
31 Cason, Sarah Jane  1847Warren, Georgia, USA I6910
32 Cason, William Blake  26 Dec 1839Warren, Georgia, USA I9028
33 Fowlers, Martha  1830Warren, Georgia, USA I8483
34 Griswell, Essie Mae  13 Sep 1904Warren, Georgia, USA I28005
35 Hamilton, Martha  1804Warren, Georgia, USA I9502
36 Mershon, Ada Vistula  9 Jan 1846Warren, Georgia, USA I9451
37 Mershon, Arden Walter  1850Warren, Georgia, USA I9452
38 Mershon, Caledonia C  1841Warren, Georgia, USA I9454
39 Mershon, Emery T  1848Warren, Georgia, USA I9457
40 Mershon, Henry  1842Warren, Georgia, USA I9456
41 Mershon, Mirabeau Lamar  1853Warren, Georgia, USA I9455
42 Montgomery, Jane Blackstone  1813Warren, Georgia, USA I8502
43 Pool, Ephraim  1822Warren, Georgia, USA I9440
44 Pool, Henry  7 Feb 1812Warren, Georgia, USA I9418
45 Pool, Henry Franklin  9 Dec 1833Warren, Georgia, USA I9434
46 Pool, Henry Ratlett  24 Feb 1795Warren, Georgia, USA I9444
47 Pool, Isabel Jane  21 Dec 1830Warren, Georgia, USA I9428
48 Pool, James  1815Warren, Georgia, USA I9441
49 Pool, John James  17 Jun 1842Warren, Georgia, USA I9431
50 Pool, Martha Ann  8 Feb 1826Warren, Georgia, USA I9432

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baker, Nancy  Warren, Georgia, USA I9027
2 Beasley, James  17 May 1799Warren, Georgia, USA I11144
3 Cason, Adam  28 Nov 1888Warren, Georgia, USA I8498
4 Cason, Hugh Bunyan  1 Oct 1933Warren, Georgia, USA I9021
5 Cason, James McCurdy  1869Warren, Georgia, USA I8495
6 Cason, Leodicea  22 Aug 1898Warren, Georgia, USA I8499
7 Cason, Mary Ann "Polly"  12 May 1881Warren, Georgia, USA I8494
8 Cason, Matthew  1863Warren, Georgia, USA I8496
9 Fowlers, Martha  22 Jan 1898Warren, Georgia, USA I8483
10 Hamilton, Martha  Warren, Georgia, USA I9502
11 Mershon, Arden Rucker  15 Jun 1856Warren, Georgia, USA I8500
12 Montgomery, Jane Blackstone  1858Warren, Georgia, USA I8502
13 Pettypool, Phillip  2 Mar 1802Warren, Georgia, USA I9443
14 Pool, Eliza Ellen  18 Aug 1929Warren, Georgia, USA I9419
15 Pool, Elizabeth  1835Warren, Georgia, USA I9445
16 Pool, Henry  25 Jun 1852Warren, Georgia, USA I9439
17 Pool, Henry  5 Aug 1894Warren, Georgia, USA I9418
18 Pool, Henry Franklin  10 Mar 1863Warren, Georgia, USA I9434
19 Pool, Henry Ratlett  1852Warren, Georgia, USA I9444
20 Pool, Isabel Jane  22 Sep 1925Warren, Georgia, USA I9428
21 Pool, James  1841Warren, Georgia, USA I9427
22 Pool, James William  22 Jul 1893Warren, Georgia, USA I9420
23 Pool, John James  18 Jul 1919Warren, Georgia, USA I9431
24 Pool, Martha Ann  20 Nov 1868Warren, Georgia, USA I9432
25 Pool, Mary Ann  5 May 1917Warren, Georgia, USA I9435
26 Pool, Mary Eliza  27 Mar 1878Warren, Georgia, USA I9429
27 Pool, Susan Elizabeth  13 Jul 1834Warren, Georgia, USA I9436
28 Pool, Tillman Newton  1 Oct 1897Warren, Georgia, USA I9430
29 Pool, Willis Cason  8 May 1928Warren, Georgia, USA I9424
30 Ratcliff, Susan  1832Warren, Georgia, USA I9438
31 Rodgers, Jeannet  16 Nov 1848Warren, Georgia, USA I8493


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cason, William  Warren, Georgia, USA I6028


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cason, Adam  Warren, Georgia, USA I8498
2 Cason, Hugh Bunyan Jr  Warren, Georgia, USA I11740
3 Lnu, Marjorie B  25 Jun 1988Warren, Georgia, USA I11741


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cason / Baker  24 Dec 1835Warren, Georgia, USA F3235
2 Cason / Hamilton  18 Jan 1825Warren, Georgia, USA F3234
3 Mershon / Pool  11 Jan 1840Warren, Georgia, USA F3238
4 Pool / Cason  28 Jan 1817Warren, Georgia, USA F3232
5 Pool / Cason  30 Jun 1840Warren, Georgia, USA F3237
6 Risher / Threewitts  14 Mar 1801Warren, Georgia, USA F2185


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cason / Montgomery  27 Dec 1832Warren, Georgia, USA F3236