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Treutlen, Georgia, USA


Latitude: 32.4166700, Longitude: -82.5500000


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blaxton, Queen B  5 Aug 1915Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22507
2 Greenway, Essie Mae  4 Oct 1905Treutlen, Georgia, USA I29473
3 Holton, Infant  Treutlen, Georgia, USA I21533
4 Holton, N L  2 Jul 1918Treutlen, Georgia, USA I21519
5 Humphrey, Luta  2 Feb 1905Treutlen, Georgia, USA I17326
6 Phillips, Avery  7 Sep 1920Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22517
7 Phillips, Helen  30 Jul 1932Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22519
8 Phillips, Juanita  12 May 1918Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22516
9 Phillips, Louie  3 Oct 1915Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22515
10 Phillips, Madie  4 Nov 1911Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22514
11 Phillips, Reba  12 Apr 1927Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22518
12 Phillips, Shirley Ann  27 Jun 1945Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22521
13 Phillips, Vernie  17 May 1910Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22513
14 Stewart, George Bernice  27 Aug 1923Treutlen, Georgia, USA I39061
15 Thigpen, Evelyn Hattie  1920Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22448
16 Thigpen, Infant  17 Apr 1925Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22446
17 Thigpen, Ira Von "Buddy" Jr  28 Sep 1918Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22447
18 Thigpen, Oswald  10 Nov 1922Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22449
19 Wilkes, Dewey Larry  11 Aug 1942Treutlen, Georgia, USA I21325
20 Wilkes, Dorothy  28 Mar 1927Treutlen, Georgia, USA I37347


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blaxton, Alfred Bruce  14 Oct 1984Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22504
2 Blaxton, James Barney  3 May 1963Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22502
3 Brinson, Jane Elizabeth  1 Dec 1930Treutlen, Georgia, USA I21703
4 Brinson, Merida Clayton  22 Aug 1928Treutlen, Georgia, USA I24208
5 Brinson, William L  17 Oct 1931Treutlen, Georgia, USA I21704
6 Faulk, Henry G  27 Jul 1940Treutlen, Georgia, USA I15501
7 Hall, Edith  31 Jan 1946Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22432
8 Hall, Mary  27 Mar 1931Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22421
9 Holton, Infant  28 Oct 1924Treutlen, Georgia, USA I21533
10 Hutchinson, John Perry  1927Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22262
11 Jackson, George Cuthbert  19 Jun 1977Treutlen, Georgia, USA I15225
12 McLendon, Cemantha  4 Sep 1893Treutlen, Georgia, USA I13002
13 Mixon, Marcus Blanco  11 Nov 1951Treutlen, Georgia, USA I39324
14 Phillips, Graddie D  16 Jun 1960Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22512
15 Phillips, Louie  5 Jun 1973Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22515
16 Phillips, Madie  7 Dec 1960Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22514
17 Phillips, Shirley Ann  30 Jun 1945Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22521
18 Phillips, Vernie  21 Jun 1953Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22513
19 Salter, Margaret Ann  3 Apr 1930Treutlen, Georgia, USA I21770
20 Von Thigpen, Ira  27 Sep 1940Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22445
21 Wilkes, Alex R  3 Jul 1953Treutlen, Georgia, USA I17159
22 Wilkes, John G  10 Jan 1940Treutlen, Georgia, USA I15938
23 Wilkes, Sarah Anna  20 Nov 1941Treutlen, Georgia, USA I16357
24 Wilkes, Thomas O  24 Oct 1940Treutlen, Georgia, USA I15584
25 Wilkes, Thomas Odin  2 Aug 1947Treutlen, Georgia, USA I16153
26 Williamson, Schley  10 Jun 1930Treutlen, Georgia, USA I21711


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Branch, Mary  Treutlen, Georgia, USA I15680
2 Brinson, Valvester  Treutlen, Georgia, USA I21709
3 Dickens, Clara  Treutlen, Georgia, USA I21569
4 Holton, Otis Franklin  Treutlen, Georgia, USA I21524
5 Holton, Pierce  Treutlen, Georgia, USA I21528
6 Hughes, Lucy Irene  Treutlen, Georgia, USA I15094
7 Lnu, Bertha  Treutlen, Georgia, USA I21531
8 Phillips, Elisha  Treutlen, Georgia, USA I23715
9 Phillips, Graddie D  Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22512
10 Phillips, Juanita  Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22516
11 Phillips, Louie  Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22515
12 Phillips, Madie  Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22514
13 Phillips, Vernie  Treutlen, Georgia, USA I22513
14 Screws, Calsie Leona  Treutlen, Georgia, USA I16378
15 Wilkes, Allie Grace  1987Treutlen, Georgia, USA I15511
16 Wilkes, Grover Cleveland  1980Treutlen, Georgia, USA I14898
17 Wilkes, Hattie  Treutlen, Georgia, USA I15682
18 Wilkes, Lowell Vernon  Treutlen, Georgia, USA I16366
19 Wilkes, Ralph W  Treutlen, Georgia, USA I15497
20 Wilkes, Victor W  1970Treutlen, Georgia, USA I14514
21 Wilkes, William Adolph  Treutlen, Georgia, USA I16362