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Texas, USA


Latitude: 31.2502800, Longitude: -99.2502800


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Sarah Jane  Abt 1846Texas, USA I19791
2 Arnwine, Sherrell  10 Sep 1912Texas, USA I30449
3 Arnwine, Walter Scott  19 Dec 1868Texas, USA I30445
4 Arnwine, William D  11 May 1902Texas, USA I30446
5 Bennett, Euell  1892Texas, USA I20381
6 Bennett, Henry E  1887Texas, USA I20384
7 Bennett, Shannon  1885Texas, USA I20383
8 Berry, R A  Apr 1890Texas, USA I25506
9 Berry, V M  Mar 1884Texas, USA I25505
10 Biggs, Fannie Eugenia  8 Jun 1878Texas, USA I38748
11 Burns, Matthew Cornelius  24 Feb 1901Texas, USA I16256
12 Bush, Effie  Abt 1890Texas, USA I32965
13 Caison, Artemesia  1847Texas, USA I30458
14 Caison, Benjamin  1839Texas, USA I30461
15 Caison, Jasper Newton  25 Dec 1844Texas, USA I30459
16 Caison, Lucinda Elizabeth  1842Texas, USA I30460
17 Caison, Monnie Mae  9 Aug 1877Texas, USA I30443
18 Caison, William C  2 Nov 1839Texas, USA I29384
19 Carr, Lena  15 Mar 1879Texas, USA I21089
20 Cattar, Edward Tony  22 Mar 1911Texas, USA I32386
21 Childress, Bessie  Jan 1892Texas, USA I24088
22 Childress, Francis Ida  22 Apr 1877Texas, USA I21373
23 Childress, James Thomas Jr  30 Aug 1889Texas, USA I21404
24 Childress, James Wesley  28 Dec 1912Texas, USA I21408
25 Childress, John Edward  16 Nov 1916Texas, USA I21409
26 Childress, Minnie A  Feb 1881Texas, USA I21374
27 Childress, Remie  1900Texas, USA I21390
28 Childress, Robert L  19 Aug 1893Texas, USA I21406
29 Childress, Wesley  1902Texas, USA I21391
30 Childress, William Edward "Eddie"  28 Nov 1890Texas, USA I21405
31 Compton, Joseph H.  Abt 1850Texas, USA I20063
32 Driggers, Albert Byron  Abt 1870Texas, USA I20068
33 Gillen, Sallie H  Abt 1892Texas, USA I32956
34 Goldberg, Clara  Abt 1908Texas, USA I32962
35 Hamilton, Winnie M  1889Texas, USA I10491
36 Helton, Bertha Ann  19 Oct 1898Texas, USA I16065
37 Helton, Hershal Samuel  8 Aug 1909Texas, USA I16070
38 Helton, James "Jim" Thomas  16 Dec 1901Texas, USA I16067
39 Helton, Mildred Edna  1904Texas, USA I16068
40 Helton, Otis Edgar  31 Jul 1905Texas, USA I16069
41 Helton, Velma  1914Texas, USA I17285
42 Helton, William Earl  21 Jul 1900Texas, USA I16066
43 Holland, Ada  Jun 1887Texas, USA I20483
44 Lawley, Elam Mahon  16 Oct 1907Texas, USA I34436
45 Lingo, Eugene Preston  30 Jun 1902Texas, USA I32799
46 Martin, Virginia  9 Oct 1896Texas, USA I21407
47 McKenzie, Arthur Gaston  1 Oct 1900Texas, USA I34462
48 Norman, John Knox  27 Apr 1920Texas, USA I21381
49 Oates, Jessie Belle  21 Nov 1879Texas, USA I18235
50 Pate, Annie Elizabeth  Apr 1898Texas, USA I33853

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Akin, Donna  1900Texas, USA I18186
2 Byrd, Eva Arnell  17 Sep 2003Texas, USA I31577
3 Caison, Lucinda Elizabeth  18 Jul 1896Texas, USA I30460
4 Carr, Lena  12 Aug 1962Texas, USA I21089
5 Childress, Francis Ida  27 Dec 1961Texas, USA I21373
6 Childress, James Thomas Jr  9 Feb 1918Texas, USA I21404
7 Childress, John Edward  13 Feb 1920Texas, USA I21409
8 Childress, Minnie A  1974Texas, USA I21374
9 Childress, Robert L  14 Jul 1957Texas, USA I21406
10 Childress, William Edward "Eddie"  29 Jan 1969Texas, USA I21405
11 Crews, Clarence Grady  1 Dec 2012Texas, USA I31580
12 Martin, Virginia  8 Oct 1963Texas, USA I21407
13 Miles, Annie  1 Jul 1950Texas, USA I21394
14 Miller, Rufus Earl  19 Mar 1986Texas, USA I30764
15 Norman, John Knox  23 Nov 1991Texas, USA I21381
16 Pender, Lucy Ann  1908Texas, USA I16037
17 Wilbourn, Maude  4 Jul 1978Texas, USA I26966
18 Wilkes, John Burl  1902Texas, USA I18185


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gillen, Edmond Francis  Aug 1889Texas, USA I32964
2 Gillen, Sallie H  Nov 1891Texas, USA I32956
3 Wilkes, Addie  Mar 1894Texas, USA I24095
4 Wilkes, Luther Lester  Texas, USA I18172


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Gillen, Edmond Francis  1958Texas, USA I32964

SSN issued

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    SSN issued    Person ID 
1 Banks, James Daniel Jr  Bef 1951Texas, USA I27741
2 Berry, Cressie Mae  Texas, USA I25471
3 Bien, Carl Ray  Bef 1951Texas, USA I25487
4 Callaway, Fuller Earle  Texas, USA I9321
5 Childress, Esther Benjamin  Texas, USA I21397
6 Compton, William Jerry  Texas, USA I20089
7 Cox, David Allen  1960Texas, USA I30380
8 Day, Isabelle  Texas, USA I16223
9 Dees, Helen Estelle  Bef 1951Texas, USA I30183
10 Deese, Margarette Helen  Bef 1951Texas, USA I16225
11 Delany, Bertha  Texas, USA I18176
12 Deodati, Joe B  Texas, USA I22491
13 Drew, Kevin Douglas  1983Texas, USA I1455
14 Gillen, Bertha Mae  Bef 1951Texas, USA I3701
15 McCoy, Clarence Edward  Texas, USA I4984
16 Mendenhall, Carliss Lee  Bef 1951Texas, USA I30180
17 Miller, Eunice Martha  Between 1957 and 1958Texas, USA I20041
18 Norman, John Knox  Texas, USA I21381
19 Popovich, Sam  Texas, USA I16241
20 Shaw, Anna Ola  Texas, USA I25477
21 Shaw, Nina Lee  Texas, USA I25476
22 Shaw, Robert B  Texas, USA I25475
23 Singletary, Wanda Louise  1964Texas, USA I26312
24 Wildes, Lawrence James  Texas, USA I3263
25 Wilkes, Don Delany  Texas, USA I18167
26 Wilkes, Oscar Forrest III  Texas, USA I18173
27 Wilson, Henry Graham  Texas, USA I24805
28 Wisely, Preston Fuller  Texas, USA I25497
29 Wortham, George Landis  Bef 1951Texas, USA I27338
30 Yeakle, James Hargis  Texas, USA I16075


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Unknown-Begin    Person ID 
1 Popovich, Sam  Texas, USA I16241
2 Wilkes, Harvey Alonzo  3 Mar 1987Texas, USA I14326


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Driggers / Cooper  Abt 1928Texas, USA F7008
2 Kilgore / Cagle  Texas, USA F13908
3 Miller / Jones  Abt 1876Texas, USA F6900