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Nassau, Florida, USA


Latitude: 30.6458300, Longitude: -81.7916700


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blake, James F. A.  Feb 1880Nassau, Florida, USA I40819
2 Blake, Samuel L.  1878Nassau, Florida, USA I40818
3 Blitch, Jasper Jackson  18 Jan 1839Nassau, Florida, USA I45441
4 Blitch, Martha Amanda Jane  25 Oct 1840Nassau, Florida, USA I45442
5 Blitch, Prudence F  25 Oct 1841Nassau, Florida, USA I46459
6 Blitch, Willia Henry Harrison  11 Feb 1843Nassau, Florida, USA I45443
7 Bradley, Minnie M  13 Dec 1907Nassau, Florida, USA I40546
8 Cason, Agnes Marie  1910Nassau, Florida, USA I27613
9 Cason, Betty J  11 Nov 1918Nassau, Florida, USA I27609
10 Cason, Frances Elizabeth  28 Sep 1914Nassau, Florida, USA I27608
11 Cason, Margaret Ashton  4 Oct 1906Nassau, Florida, USA I27612
12 Cason, Wilton Lee  4 Mar 1905Nassau, Florida, USA I27606
13 Conner, Julian Francis  10 Dec 1931Nassau, Florida, USA I5960
14 Crawford, Georgie Stella  19 Jun 1924Nassau, Florida, USA I44836
15 Drawdy, Walter Henry  Apr 1862Nassau, Florida, USA I3850
16 Fouraker, Alice  30 Mar 1889Nassau, Florida, USA I22003
17 Green, Baby Boy  25 Dec 1913Nassau, Florida, USA I39874
18 Green, Baby Girl  25 Dec 1913Nassau, Florida, USA I39875
19 Hodges, Alfred  2 Jan 1910Nassau, Florida, USA I35814
20 Hodges, Bertha Theresa  18 Mar 1917Nassau, Florida, USA I35826
21 Hodges, Beulah Mae  2 Apr 1905Nassau, Florida, USA I39484
22 Hodges, Cecil Glenn  6 Jun 1938Nassau, Florida, USA I40254
23 Hodges, Cleveland Fuqua  25 May 1914Nassau, Florida, USA I44827
24 Hodges, Clyde Bailey  5 May 1931Nassau, Florida, USA I40251
25 Hodges, Dean Cole  6 Dec 1935Nassau, Florida, USA I40253
26 Hodges, Eleanor Easter  1 Mar 1929Nassau, Florida, USA I40250
27 Hodges, Fernnie Woodrow  25 Mar 1926Nassau, Florida, USA I41297
28 Hodges, Fronie L  19 Jun 1920Nassau, Florida, USA I44825
29 Hodges, Jannie Odesi  5 Mar 1905Nassau, Florida, USA I35812
30 Hodges, John Joshua  Jun 1867Nassau, Florida, USA I34112
31 Hodges, Joseph Ephriam  17 Sep 1907Nassau, Florida, USA I44832
32 Hodges, Laura  1900Nassau, Florida, USA I35810
33 Hodges, Lula Lee  27 Nov 1924Nassau, Florida, USA I41296
34 Hodges, Martha D  May 1870Nassau, Florida, USA I44124
35 Hodges, Mary Elizabeth  Nov 1869Nassau, Florida, USA I2367
36 Hodges, Mattie Zona  31 Mar 1897Nassau, Florida, USA I35809
37 Hodges, Raymond Longstreet  4 Oct 1914Nassau, Florida, USA I35816
38 Hodges, Riley Cleveland  14 Nov 1910Nassau, Florida, USA I34114
39 Hodges, Violet Lee  6 Feb 1919Nassau, Florida, USA I43540
40 Hodges, Wade Hampton  11 Aug 1907Nassau, Florida, USA I35813
41 Johns, Marietta  Sep 1874Nassau, Florida, USA I35948
42 Johns, Miles Warren  15 Jan 1876Nassau, Florida, USA I35949
43 Kirkland, James Corbett  30 Apr 1902Nassau, Florida, USA I32507
44 Kirkland, Stephen D  Oct 1841Nassau, Florida, USA I32368
45 Nelson, Matilda  20 Apr 1898Nassau, Florida, USA I42495
46 Rowe, Alva Jackson  28 Jun 1927Nassau, Florida, USA I39036
47 Rowe, Benjamin Franklin  28 Mar 1905Nassau, Florida, USA I39425
48 Rowe, Christopher Columbus  6 Sep 1920Nassau, Florida, USA I35798
49 Rowe, Clifford Jackson  26 Dec 1932Nassau, Florida, USA I40745
50 Rowe, David Michael  18 Jan 1885Nassau, Florida, USA I40706

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Barber, Israel  1833Nassau, Florida, USA I1854
2 Blitch, Jasper Jackson  25 Apr 1862Nassau, Florida, USA I45441
3 Bradley, John Washington  15 May 1913Nassau, Florida, USA I40690
4 Britt, Claudia Anne  1 Jul 2014Nassau, Florida, USA I45461
5 Carter, Rebecca Ann  16 Jun 1899Nassau, Florida, USA I39423
6 Cason, Frances Elizabeth  4 Sep 1985Nassau, Florida, USA I27608
7 Crews, Sarah Ann  3 Mar 1926Nassau, Florida, USA I40678
8 Dell, Charlene  Nassau, Florida, USA I17839
9 Dyess, Katherine  9 May 1979Nassau, Florida, USA I12343
10 Green, Arizona  5 May 1930Nassau, Florida, USA I35807
11 Green, Baby Boy  25 Dec 1913Nassau, Florida, USA I39874
12 Green, Baby Girl  25 Dec 1913Nassau, Florida, USA I39875
13 Hassell, Lillian H  14 Dec 1997Nassau, Florida, USA I39040
14 Hodges, Alfred  23 Oct 1924Nassau, Florida, USA I35814
15 Hodges, Beckie Mae  16 Feb 2005Nassau, Florida, USA I41292
16 Hodges, Elishu Elihu  23 Aug 1904Nassau, Florida, USA I2358
17 Hodges, George Harvey  20 May 1970Nassau, Florida, USA I44830
18 Hodges, George Washington  22 Oct 1908Nassau, Florida, USA I2356
19 Hodges, Joseph Ephriam  7 Jul 1971Nassau, Florida, USA I44832
20 Hodges, Nathaniel  16 Feb 1929Nassau, Florida, USA I2364
21 Hodges, Robert Oliver  27 Jul 1938Nassau, Florida, USA I41380
22 Hodges, Wade Hampton  11 Dec 1980Nassau, Florida, USA I35813
23 Hodges, William J  6 May 1930Nassau, Florida, USA I2357
24 Kirkland, Stephen D  1909Nassau, Florida, USA I32368
25 Kirkland, Yancy Wardell  Nov 1963Nassau, Florida, USA I31963
26 Lee, Vernon Stanley  28 Oct 1978Nassau, Florida, USA I11714
27 Mizell, Walker Lewis  18 May 1985Nassau, Florida, USA I41741
28 Rewis, Charles Paydem  26 Apr 1953Nassau, Florida, USA I37465
29 Robinson, Alvin Felder  17 Oct 1942Nassau, Florida, USA I11947
30 Robinson, Robert Layton  21 Dec 1991Nassau, Florida, USA I10574
31 Robinson, Sydney Ray  9 Jun 1959Nassau, Florida, USA I41280
32 Rowe, Donald Kirby  16 Oct 1948Nassau, Florida, USA I39046
33 Rowe, Kizzie Elizabeth  19 Aug 1941Nassau, Florida, USA I39426
34 Rowe, Marcus Delar  30 Oct 1950Nassau, Florida, USA I43539
35 Rowe, Pearl Beckie Ann  7 Sep 1918Nassau, Florida, USA I40742
36 Rowe, Peter A  9 Feb 1891Nassau, Florida, USA I1720
37 Rowe, Peter Jackson  28 Apr 1927Nassau, Florida, USA I40575
38 Sellers, Jane  21 Feb 1910Nassau, Florida, USA I1517
39 Sellers, Sarah  30 Mar 1891Nassau, Florida, USA I1679
40 Sikes, Josiah P  23 Feb 1887Nassau, Florida, USA I40683
41 Waldron, Minerva Ann  21 Oct 1901Nassau, Florida, USA I40703
42 Waldron, Rachel  12 Apr 1872Nassau, Florida, USA I40674
43 Whitney, Gayle Roberta  25 Oct 1988Nassau, Florida, USA I38657
44 Wildes, Lucius Tommy  2 Dec 1983Nassau, Florida, USA I8265
45 Wilson, Mary Agnes  13 Aug 1947Nassau, Florida, USA I27607


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Hodges, George Harvey  Nassau, Florida, USA I44830


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Altman, Morris Evans  Nassau, Florida, USA I42510
2 Conner, Fred Daniel  1935Nassau, Florida, USA I1886
3 Conner, Fred Daniel  1940Nassau, Florida, USA I1886
4 Conner, Genora Beatrice  1940Nassau, Florida, USA I1887
5 Conner, Gwyndolyn Iona  1940Nassau, Florida, USA I39028
6 Conner, Joel Benjamin  1940Nassau, Florida, USA I39029
7 Cooper, Lydia  1860Nassau, Florida, USA I12318
8 Davis, Joe H  1935Nassau, Florida, USA I22291
9 Dyess, Caroline  1860Nassau, Florida, USA I12367
10 Dyess, Ezekiel  1860Nassau, Florida, USA I12317
11 Dyess, George Cooper  1860Nassau, Florida, USA I12337
12 Dyess, Henry  1860Nassau, Florida, USA I12368
13 Dyess, Katherine  1935Nassau, Florida, USA I12343
14 Dyess, Katherine  1945Nassau, Florida, USA I12343
15 Dyess, Margaret  1870Nassau, Florida, USA I12387
16 Dyess, Margaret Samantha  1860Nassau, Florida, USA I57
17 Dyess, Martha Serilda  1860Nassau, Florida, USA I12321
18 Dyess, Mary  1860Nassau, Florida, USA I12332
19 Dyess, Missouri "Mizauri"  1860Nassau, Florida, USA I12366
20 Dyess, Thetuchella  1935Nassau, Florida, USA I22292
21 Dyess, Vina  1870Nassau, Florida, USA I12386
22 Dyess, William R  1860Nassau, Florida, USA I12334
23 Dyess, William R  1870Nassau, Florida, USA I12334
24 Fouraker, Nathan  1860Nassau, Florida, USA I22841
25 Fouraker, Nathan  1860Nassau, Florida, USA I21998
26 Fouraker, Nathan  1870Nassau, Florida, USA I21998
27 Fouraker, Zilpha  1860Nassau, Florida, USA I12335
28 Fouraker, Zilpha  1870Nassau, Florida, USA I12335
29 Hall, Jenny Bertha  1 Apr 1940Nassau, Florida, USA I34032
30 Hodges, Beckie Mae  1935Nassau, Florida, USA I41292
31 Hodges, Douglas Joseph Sr  1935Nassau, Florida, USA I40758
32 Hodges, Fernnie Woodrow  1935Nassau, Florida, USA I41297
33 Hodges, Freddie Edison  1935Nassau, Florida, USA I41295
34 Hodges, Lula Lee  1935Nassau, Florida, USA I41296
35 Hodges, Minnie Marie  1935Nassau, Florida, USA I1728
36 Hodges, Minnie Marie  1940Nassau, Florida, USA I1728
37 Padgett, Lucy  1860Nassau, Florida, USA I22842
38 Prevatt, Cleo M  1945Nassau, Florida, USA I22012
39 Robinson, Clyde Eugene  1 Apr 1940Nassau, Florida, USA I24702
40 Robinson, Sarah Katherine  1 Apr 1940Nassau, Florida, USA I34033
41 Rowe, Stella  1935Nassau, Florida, USA I39420
42 Stafford, Allen Lamar  1945Nassau, Florida, USA I22016
43 Stafford, Oreadus "Reid"  1945Nassau, Florida, USA I22011


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Cason / Jones  14 Jun 1870Nassau, Florida, USA F3394
2 Cattar / Andrews  15 Aug 1938Nassau, Florida, USA F11351
3 Crews / Bradley  26 Feb 1850Nassau, Florida, USA F10985
4 Doomar / Andrews  17 Aug 1941Nassau, Florida, USA F13458
5 Drawdy / Rowe  27 Oct 1860Nassau, Florida, USA F1622
6 Fouraker / Pringle  23 May 1878Nassau, Florida, USA F7467
7 Jenkins / Ward  1948Nassau, Florida, USA F2460
8 Johns / Hodges  31 Dec 1873Nassau, Florida, USA F12951
9 Rowe / Crews  15 Apr 1883Nassau, Florida, USA F15157
10 Shields / Wheeler  1939Nassau, Florida, USA F1446
11 Williams / Hall  2 Mar 1935Nassau, Florida, USA F16157


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   Family    Divorce    Family ID 
1 Musgrove / Sikes  Apr 1963Nassau, Florida, USA F14608
2 Wesley / Wildes  14 Feb 1985Nassau, Florida, USA F14205
3 Williams / Williams  Feb 1966Nassau, Florida, USA F8799


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Williams / Williams  14 Dec 1981Nassau, Florida, USA F8799