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Lowndes, Georgia, USA


Latitude: 30.8333300, Longitude: -83.2500000


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Avera, Rebecca Jane  9 Mar 1841Lowndes, Georgia, USA I3716
2 Avera, Sallie  27 Jun 1846Lowndes, Georgia, USA I8980
3 Batten, Mary  Jun 1841Lowndes, Georgia, USA I26782
4 Griffin, Nancy Leona  7 Aug 1898Lowndes, Georgia, USA I29252
5 Hughes, Imogene  1 Feb 1863Lowndes, Georgia, USA I15171
6 Hughes, Robert Duncan  1 Aug 1858Lowndes, Georgia, USA I15168
7 Hughes, Rose Irene  27 Oct 1869Lowndes, Georgia, USA I15175
8 Joyce, Mary Margaret  31 Oct 1825Lowndes, Georgia, USA I10542
9 Lindsey, John F  8 Mar 1846Lowndes, Georgia, USA I33596
10 Mathis, Sarah  3 Mar 1848Lowndes, Georgia, USA I3726
11 McLeod, Wiley Lee  6 Mar 1936Lowndes, Georgia, USA I7644
12 Parrish, Basil J  27 Dec 1884Lowndes, Georgia, USA I17139
13 Parrish, Josiah Allen J  6 Jun 1861Lowndes, Georgia, USA I15724
14 Rhoden, Hansford Duncan  18 Mar 1847Lowndes, Georgia, USA I35695
15 Roberts, Mary Ann  8 Dec 1835Lowndes, Georgia, USA I15703
16 Smith, Leland Owen  24 Mar 1902Lowndes, Georgia, USA I31747
17 Tomlinson, Sarah Sallie  12 Mar 1834Lowndes, Georgia, USA I3681
18 Tyler, Maeola  1896Lowndes, Georgia, USA I15975
19 Tyler, Noah  2 Oct 1859Lowndes, Georgia, USA I3756
20 Wilkes, Amanda Della  1854Lowndes, Georgia, USA I29459
21 Wilkes, Clyde  31 Oct 1895Lowndes, Georgia, USA I37395
22 Wilkes, George Byron Sr  6 May 1868Lowndes, Georgia, USA I29464
23 Wilkes, John Eley  22 Jan 1860Lowndes, Georgia, USA I29461
24 Wilkes, Lula M  6 Feb 1865Lowndes, Georgia, USA I29463
25 Wilkes, Mary Ann  9 Jan 1849Lowndes, Georgia, USA I29457
26 Wilkes, R. E. Lee  15 Feb 1873Lowndes, Georgia, USA I29465
27 Wilkes, Thomas Cullen Sr.  Jul 1854Lowndes, Georgia, USA I29460
28 Wilkes, William S  21 Jun 1861Lowndes, Georgia, USA I29462


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boston, John M  24 Nov 1919Lowndes, Georgia, USA I29466
2 Cason, Reverend Martin Franklin  31 Mar 1939Lowndes, Georgia, USA I9129
3 Castleberry, Rubena Louise  12 May 1979Lowndes, Georgia, USA I4800
4 Chitty, Alex Hanson "Buddy"  31 Oct 1971Lowndes, Georgia, USA I10182
5 Cross, Jimmie W  14 Nov 1932Lowndes, Georgia, USA I25021
6 Dickman, Otto Frederick  6 Apr 1928Lowndes, Georgia, USA I3171
7 Dukes, Edward Clinton  17 Jul 1855Lowndes, Georgia, USA I40440
8 Evans, Rastus  Jul 1985Lowndes, Georgia, USA I918
9 Hodges, Nathan  1847Lowndes, Georgia, USA I41807
10 Hodges, Robert Donald  18 Sep 1977Lowndes, Georgia, USA I20433
11 McLeod, Paul Benjamin  19 Aug 1962Lowndes, Georgia, USA I7649
12 Mobley, William Grant  11 Dec 1992Lowndes, Georgia, USA I31163
13 O'Steen, Nancy  23 Jun 1842Lowndes, Georgia, USA I1825
14 Parrish, Basil J  21 Sep 1885Lowndes, Georgia, USA I17139
15 Parrish, Henry  28 May 1831Lowndes, Georgia, USA I2464
16 Revills, John Avin  29 Jan 1975Lowndes, Georgia, USA I34249
17 Roberts, Bryant John  8 Jul 1888Lowndes, Georgia, USA I17938
18 Shirling, Eula Lee  26 Apr 1959Lowndes, Georgia, USA I17141
19 Smith, Leland Owen  8 Feb 1989Lowndes, Georgia, USA I31747
20 Spivey, Nancy  6 Jun 1900Lowndes, Georgia, USA I29456
21 Wilkes, Emmanuel  24 Feb 1957Lowndes, Georgia, USA I15736
22 Wilkes, Lillie Victoria  1 Aug 1971Lowndes, Georgia, USA I12621
23 Wilkes, Mary Ann  20 Feb 1918Lowndes, Georgia, USA I29457
24 Wilkes, Thomas D  Jul 1889Lowndes, Georgia, USA I13881
25 Yancey, Gilbert David  2 May 1982Lowndes, Georgia, USA I16022


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Avera, Christina Zancy  1850Lowndes, Georgia, USA I8984
2 Avera, Cynthia Ann  1850Lowndes, Georgia, USA I8982
3 Avera, Daniel  1850Lowndes, Georgia, USA I5203
4 Avera, Elizabeth  1850Lowndes, Georgia, USA I26901
5 Avera, Mary Ann  1850Lowndes, Georgia, USA I8983
6 Avera, Nancy  1850Lowndes, Georgia, USA I8979
7 Avera, Rebecca Jane  1850Lowndes, Georgia, USA I3716
8 Avera, Sallie  1850Lowndes, Georgia, USA I8980
9 Avera, Stephen W  1850Lowndes, Georgia, USA I26900
10 Avera, William M  1850Lowndes, Georgia, USA I8978
11 Castleberry, Rubena Louise  1979Lowndes, Georgia, USA I4800
12 Chitty, Alex Hanson "Buddy"  Lowndes, Georgia, USA I10182
13 Connell, George Franklin  1960Lowndes, Georgia, USA I7418
14 Cook, Tobitha  1850Lowndes, Georgia, USA I5204
15 Creel, Elizabeth  Lowndes, Georgia, USA I3014
16 Dixon, Lillian S  1996Lowndes, Georgia, USA I33891
17 Evans, Alicia Lawrencene  Lowndes, Georgia, USA I7653
18 Evans, Lawrence  Lowndes, Georgia, USA I7617
19 Evans, Rastus  Lowndes, Georgia, USA I918
20 Evans, Sarah Merle  Lowndes, Georgia, USA I7660
21 Hightower, Lawrence Moore  Lowndes, Georgia, USA I7656
22 Hodges, Nathan  1840Lowndes, Georgia, USA I35996
23 McLeod, Paul Benjamin  Lowndes, Georgia, USA I7649
24 McLeod, Wiley Lee  Lowndes, Georgia, USA I7644
25 Moore, Malinda Linnie  1850Lowndes, Georgia, USA I34161
26 Revills, John Avin  1975Lowndes, Georgia, USA I34249
27 Rhoden, James J  1850Lowndes, Georgia, USA I34162
28 Rhoden, Rachel  1850Lowndes, Georgia, USA I35195
29 Robinson, Sarah Belle  1973Lowndes, Georgia, USA I7417
30 Spivey, Nancy  1850Lowndes, Georgia, USA I29456
31 Tyler, Fanny  Lowndes, Georgia, USA I12078
32 Tyler, Noah  1870Lowndes, Georgia, USA I3756
33 Wiggins, Ilah Harmon  Lowndes, Georgia, USA I15890
34 Wilkes, Alfred J  1949Lowndes, Georgia, USA I17299
35 Wilkes, Calvin Curtis  Lowndes, Georgia, USA I17305
36 Wilkes, James Edwin  1983Lowndes, Georgia, USA I19422
37 Wilkes, Leslie Elijah "Sonny"  Lowndes, Georgia, USA I18340
38 Wilkes, Lessie Franklin  1959Lowndes, Georgia, USA I15748
39 Wilkes, Mary  1955Lowndes, Georgia, USA I18335
40 Wilkes, Mary Ann  1850Lowndes, Georgia, USA I29457
41 Wilkes, Thomas D  1850Lowndes, Georgia, USA I13881


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Boston / Wilkes  10 Jun 1908Lowndes, Georgia, USA F10069
2 Connell / Robinson  1 Nov 1936Lowndes, Georgia, USA F2840
3 Herring / Waldron  16 Nov 1940Lowndes, Georgia, USA F7059
4 Hodges / Waldron  18 Dec 1946Lowndes, Georgia, USA F7061
5 Parrish / Wilkes  1855Lowndes, Georgia, USA F5372
6 Parrish / Wise  20 Dec 1883Lowndes, Georgia, USA F5413
7 Register / Douglas  25 Jun 1854Lowndes, Georgia, USA F1563
8 Roberts / Boyd  1838Lowndes, Georgia, USA F859
9 Waldron / Herring  18 Dec 1939Lowndes, Georgia, USA F2728
10 Waldron / Register  26 Feb 1949Lowndes, Georgia, USA F7056
11 Wilkes / Nausbaum  27 Dec 1938Lowndes, Georgia, USA F6427
12 Wilkes / Roberts  2 Dec 1858Lowndes, Georgia, USA F5371
13 Wilkes / Theus  16 Dec 1894Lowndes, Georgia, USA F13658