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Lawrence, Mississippi, USA


Latitude: 31.5736100, Longitude: -90.1105600


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Berry, Abner Wilkes  12 May 1842Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17522
2 Berry, Adonirum Clephus  17 Dec 1866Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17535
3 Berry, Alethia Jane  5 Oct 1886Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I29956
4 Berry, Beulah Nancy  3 Dec 1890Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I29958
5 Berry, Eliza Mindora  27 Aug 1850Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17531
6 Berry, Fleet Cooper  2 Mar 1880Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17552
7 Berry, Garcia Garfield  26 Mar 1882Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I29954
8 Berry, Hooker Elizabeth  2 Nov 1876Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17549
9 Berry, John Lampkin  24 Mar 1861Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17528
10 Berry, Lorena Ann  23 Jun 1839Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17523
11 Berry, Lorena Madagascar  5 Jul 1870Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17536
12 Berry, Magnolia  9 Feb 1889Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I29957
13 Berry, Marcus Lafayette  27 Nov 1883Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I29955
14 Berry, Mary Eliza  12 Nov 1841Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I25459
15 Berry, Mary Emily  21 Jan 1852Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17524
16 Berry, Myer Estell  9 Feb 1875Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17548
17 Berry, Nolan Virgil  22 Aug 1873Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17547
18 Berry, Omer Eldridge  22 Jan 1872Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17546
19 Berry, Prentice Webb  3 Nov 1863Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17529
20 Berry, Richard Lafayette  2 Jul 1848Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17532
21 Berry, Richard Tobias  29 Sep 1868Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17534
22 Berry, Rosanna Matilda  16 Mar 1856Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17530
23 Berry, Rosie Texas  9 Sep 1878Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17550
24 Berry, Sarah Victoria  25 Feb 1846Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17525
25 Berry, Sorena Jane  26 Feb 1844Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17527
26 Berry, Stephen H  7 Feb 1841Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17526
27 Berry, Doctor Winfield Scott  2 May 1854Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17537
28 Dickson, Fitzhugh Lee  6 May 1898Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17585
29 Lard, Thomas Abner  21 Oct 1864Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I19770
30 Magee, Effie Jane  Jun 1865Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17553
31 Magee, Elizabeth "Betty"  30 Oct 1846Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17533
32 Wilkes, Jackson  Apr 1860Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17650
33 Williams, Robert E  16 Mar 1896Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17572


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Berry, Abner Wilkes  6 Jul 1929Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17522
2 Berry, John Lampkin  7 Nov 1930Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17528
3 Berry, Richard Talley  25 Dec 1894Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17521
4 Butler, Luke  1868Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I8924
5 Magee, Elizabeth "Betty"  4 Jun 1909Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17533
6 Wilkes, Martha Jane  27 Jul 1888Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17511


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Banks, Levi  1818Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I27709
2 Berry, Abner Wilkes  1850Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17522
3 Berry, Abner Wilkes  1860Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17522
4 Berry, Eliza Mindora  1860Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17531
5 Berry, Lorena Ann  1850Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17523
6 Berry, Mary Emily  1860Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17524
7 Berry, Richard Lafayette  1850Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17532
8 Berry, Richard Lafayette  1860Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17532
9 Berry, Richard Talley  1850Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17521
10 Berry, Richard Talley  1860Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17521
11 Berry, Rosanna Matilda  1860Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17530
12 Berry, Sarah Victoria  1850Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17525
13 Berry, Sarah Victoria  1860Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17525
14 Berry, Sorena Jane  1850Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17527
15 Berry, Sorena Jane  1860Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17527
16 Berry, Stephen H  1850Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17526
17 Berry, Stephen H  1860Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17526
18 Berry, Doctor Winfield Scott  1860Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17537
19 Carter, Lucy Ann  1860Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17632
20 Wilkes, Bella Zora  1860Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17635
21 Wilkes, Jackson  1860Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17650
22 Wilkes, John Ellis  1860Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17515
23 Wilkes, John Ira  1860Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17634
24 Wilkes, Martha Jane  1850Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17511
25 Wilkes, Martha Jane  1860Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17511
26 Wilkes, Stephen Asa  1860Lawrence, Mississippi, USA I17633


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Berry / Magee  28 Dec 1865Lawrence, Mississippi, USA F6208
2 Berry / Magee  28 Dec 1881Lawrence, Mississippi, USA F6211
3 Shivers / Berry  2 Feb 1859Lawrence, Mississippi, USA F6210
4 White / Russell  12 Feb 1880Lawrence, Mississippi, USA F9155
5 Wilks / Buckley  1 Aug 1853Lawrence, Mississippi, USA F6203