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Laurens, Georgia, USA


Latitude: 32.4500000, Longitude: -82.9166700


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bedingfield, Fannie Elizabeth  30 May 1860Laurens, Georgia, USA I12895
2 Bracewell, Willena  21 Aug 1931Laurens, Georgia, USA I17193
3 Branch, Charity  1859Laurens, Georgia, USA I17916
4 Branch, James Benjamin  24 Dec 1831Laurens, Georgia, USA I17915
5 Branch, Monica  1857Laurens, Georgia, USA I14739
6 Branch, Nancy  9 Dec 1819Laurens, Georgia, USA I16142
7 Branch, Pearl  27 Oct 1893Laurens, Georgia, USA I29487
8 Bush, Ada Grace  25 Oct 1901Laurens, Georgia, USA I14946
9 Bush, Charles Crawford  18 Dec 1879Laurens, Georgia, USA I28566
10 Bush, Charles Lamar  26 Dec 1904Laurens, Georgia, USA I28564
11 Bush, John Henry  12 Jul 1897Laurens, Georgia, USA I14945
12 Bush, Julian Henry  3 Aug 1926Laurens, Georgia, USA I14954
13 Bush, Lillian  23 Oct 1904Laurens, Georgia, USA I14944
14 Bush, Martha  1 Jun 1908Laurens, Georgia, USA I14947
15 Bush, Sidney Monroe  20 Jun 1899Laurens, Georgia, USA I14943
16 Bush, Virgil Franklin  22 Jul 1872Laurens, Georgia, USA I14942
17 Bush, Virgil Franklin  18 Feb 1908Laurens, Georgia, USA I14948
18 Carter, Hillery C  14 Jan 1877Laurens, Georgia, USA I15592
19 Carter, Julia Ann  May 1836Laurens, Georgia, USA I15593
20 Cason, Andrew M.  1790Laurens, Georgia, USA I8475
21 Cason, Mary  1797Laurens, Georgia, USA I8478
22 Cason, Samuel  1794Laurens, Georgia, USA I8476
23 Cason, Whitehurst  1788Laurens, Georgia, USA I8474
24 Cason, William  1796Laurens, Georgia, USA I8477
25 Cason, Willis  1800Laurens, Georgia, USA I8479
26 Fulford, Ronald Thurman  16 Feb 1935Laurens, Georgia, USA I32099
27 Gay, Augustus  1853Laurens, Georgia, USA I12886
28 Gay, Bryant N.  1859Laurens, Georgia, USA I12874
29 Gay, Elizabeth S  10 Mar 1830Laurens, Georgia, USA I12879
30 Gay, Harden  1855Laurens, Georgia, USA I12840
31 Gay, Henry  1830Laurens, Georgia, USA I12877
32 Gay, Jacob  1845Laurens, Georgia, USA I12838
33 Gay, James Bryant  1836Laurens, Georgia, USA I12880
34 Gay, James C.  1870Laurens, Georgia, USA I12883
35 Gay, Julia Ann  1850Laurens, Georgia, USA I12839
36 Gay, Laura  1836Laurens, Georgia, USA I12835
37 Gay, Levvy  1848Laurens, Georgia, USA I12870
38 Gay, Mary  1855Laurens, Georgia, USA I12887
39 Gay, Masura  1839Laurens, Georgia, USA I12836
40 Gay, Sarah  1840Laurens, Georgia, USA I12885
41 Gay, Susan  1842Laurens, Georgia, USA I12837
42 Gay, William  1846Laurens, Georgia, USA I12869
43 Gay, William J.  1839Laurens, Georgia, USA I12884
44 Gay, William J.  1860Laurens, Georgia, USA I12882
45 Horton, Thomas Watson  20 Apr 1918Laurens, Georgia, USA I5667
46 Hudson, Martha Madeline  Oct 1869Laurens, Georgia, USA I13359
47 Hudson, Viola M  2 Nov 1886Laurens, Georgia, USA I17163
48 Johnson, Adell  7 Jul 1895Laurens, Georgia, USA I16293
49 Lynn, Andrew W  25 Sep 1835Laurens, Georgia, USA I4961
50 Maddox, John Quinton  20 Aug 1926Laurens, Georgia, USA I31495

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Hugh  28 Jul 1956Laurens, Georgia, USA I19548
2 Beddingfield, Solomon  23 Sep 1817Laurens, Georgia, USA I12866
3 Blaxton, Meddie Leon  10 May 1968Laurens, Georgia, USA I22503
4 Branch, Ira Vernon  9 Jan 1981Laurens, Georgia, USA I25849
5 Branch, James Benjamin  1 May 1922Laurens, Georgia, USA I17915
6 Branch, Pearl  11 Jan 1972Laurens, Georgia, USA I29487
7 Bush, Charles Crawford  16 Jan 1924Laurens, Georgia, USA I28566
8 Bush, Martha  1 Jun 1980Laurens, Georgia, USA I14947
9 Carter, Hillery C  28 Jan 1940Laurens, Georgia, USA I15592
10 Carter, Julia Ann  22 Dec 1894Laurens, Georgia, USA I15593
11 Coursey, Mary Allie  1908Laurens, Georgia, USA I15488
12 Edenfield, James P Jr  14 Dec 1996Laurens, Georgia, USA I19343
13 Fulford, Ronald Thurman  5 Aug 1994Laurens, Georgia, USA I32099
14 Galbreath, Franklin Matthew  30 Nov 1951Laurens, Georgia, USA I22487
15 Gay, Elizabeth S  18 Jan 1899Laurens, Georgia, USA I12879
16 Gay, Missouri C.  Laurens, Georgia, USA I13092
17 Gay, Nathaniel  23 Aug 1869Laurens, Georgia, USA I12834
18 Gray, Mary Estella  3 May 1902Laurens, Georgia, USA I13755
19 Hatcher, Mamie  1974Laurens, Georgia, USA I17149
20 Hearn, Mary  5 Jun 1888Laurens, Georgia, USA I13088
21 Hudson, Georgia A C  18 Mar 1912Laurens, Georgia, USA I13353
22 Hudson, Viola M  19 Jan 1905Laurens, Georgia, USA I17163
23 Johnson, Adell  29 Oct 1979Laurens, Georgia, USA I16293
24 Lnu, Julian  22 Jan 1901Laurens, Georgia, USA I12888
25 McLendon, Archie Lee  1 Oct 1923Laurens, Georgia, USA I16158
26 McLendon, Elizabeth  Laurens, Georgia, USA I13001
27 McLendon, Laura Belle  23 Aug 1898Laurens, Georgia, USA I13294
28 McLendon, Mariah  17 Nov 1894Laurens, Georgia, USA I12709
29 McLendon, Martha E  18 Apr 1890Laurens, Georgia, USA I13291
30 McLendon, Pollard M.  13 Dec 1895Laurens, Georgia, USA I13003
31 McLendon, Sidney C  16 Oct 1985Laurens, Georgia, USA I31500
32 McLendon, William Henry Harrison  10 Jun 1923Laurens, Georgia, USA I13493
33 Moore, Lewis V  22 Dec 1963Laurens, Georgia, USA I11488
34 Morris, Franklin Dale  17 Oct 1996Laurens, Georgia, USA I36629
35 Phillips, Rhodus Carr  6 Aug 1953Laurens, Georgia, USA I39285
36 Powell, Abe  9 Nov 1962Laurens, Georgia, USA I9717
37 Powell, John Ellie  30 Aug 1998Laurens, Georgia, USA I11430
38 Sconyers, Willie Luther  2 Apr 1951Laurens, Georgia, USA I30990
39 Smith, John  7 Feb 1893Laurens, Georgia, USA I13015
40 Sumner, Jessie J  16 Aug 1864Laurens, Georgia, USA I15594
41 Sumner, Rutha M  17 Feb 1904Laurens, Georgia, USA I15580
42 Thigpen, Eliza  Apr 1924Laurens, Georgia, USA I13018
43 Thigpen, Jeannie  4 Jun 1938Laurens, Georgia, USA I17184
44 Thigpen, Melancton Joseph  18 Sep 1921Laurens, Georgia, USA I13263
45 Thigpen, Richard J Sr  1 Apr 1897Laurens, Georgia, USA I13087
46 Thigpen, Richard J Jr  30 Aug 1926Laurens, Georgia, USA I13091
47 Thigpen, Sarah Elizabeth  3 Mar 1932Laurens, Georgia, USA I13115
48 Ussery, James Calvin  1950Laurens, Georgia, USA I26769
49 Wade, Hattie Mae  3 Aug 1968Laurens, Georgia, USA I15495
50 Waldron, Bryan Jennings  20 May 1957Laurens, Georgia, USA I28255

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Wilkes, Hazel  1921Laurens, Georgia, USA I17173


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    other    Person ID 
1 Wilkes, Simon Peter Jr  Laurens, Georgia, USA I15546


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Hugh  Laurens, Georgia, USA I19548
2 Branch, Charity  1870Laurens, Georgia, USA I17916
3 Branch, James Benjamin  1860Laurens, Georgia, USA I17915
4 Branch, Martha "Patty"  1860Laurens, Georgia, USA I14155
5 Branch, Monica  1860Laurens, Georgia, USA I14739
6 Bush, Charles Lamar  1982Laurens, Georgia, USA I28564
7 Bush, John Henry  1970Laurens, Georgia, USA I14945
8 Bush, Virgil Franklin  Laurens, Georgia, USA I14948
9 Fulford, John Thurman  1973Laurens, Georgia, USA I16314
10 Fulford, Ronald Thurman  1994Laurens, Georgia, USA I32099
11 Gay, Josiah H  1860Laurens, Georgia, USA I12864
12 Gay, Nathaniel  1860Laurens, Georgia, USA I12834
13 Harley, Eugene Franklin  1992Laurens, Georgia, USA I17441
14 Johnson, Anna Lenora  Laurens, Georgia, USA I14983
15 Maddox, John Quinton  1993Laurens, Georgia, USA I31495
16 McLendon, Sidney C  1985Laurens, Georgia, USA I31500
17 Smith, Lizzie Mae  Laurens, Georgia, USA I17157
18 Wade, Hattie Mae  Laurens, Georgia, USA I15495
19 Warnock, Susan  1860Laurens, Georgia, USA I17914
20 Wilkes, Alex R  Laurens, Georgia, USA I17159
21 Wilkes, Allie Maudie  1974Laurens, Georgia, USA I15493
22 Wilkes, Charles Mervin  Laurens, Georgia, USA I26048
23 Wilkes, David  1860Laurens, Georgia, USA I12587
24 Wilkes, David Baum Jr  1944Laurens, Georgia, USA I15510
25 Wilkes, David Baum  1973Laurens, Georgia, USA I15489
26 Wilkes, David W  1860Laurens, Georgia, USA I13345
27 Wilkes, Ellis  Laurens, Georgia, USA I15491
28 Wilkes, Frankie Clara  1986Laurens, Georgia, USA I16300
29 Wilkes, Fuller  1972Laurens, Georgia, USA I16292
30 Wilkes, General Washington  1977Laurens, Georgia, USA I15490
31 Wilkes, George Chester  1985Laurens, Georgia, USA I15587
32 Wilkes, Herschel V  5 Jun 1917Laurens, Georgia, USA I15548
33 Wilkes, James Cadwell  1860Laurens, Georgia, USA I13352
34 Wilkes, James Rhodus  Laurens, Georgia, USA I17165
35 Wilkes, Jesse Vivian  Laurens, Georgia, USA I16155
36 Wilkes, Rev John "Pappy"  1860Laurens, Georgia, USA I12593
37 Wilkes, John A  1957Laurens, Georgia, USA I12724
38 Wilkes, Mary Ann  1860Laurens, Georgia, USA I13284
39 Wilkes, Nathaniel  1860Laurens, Georgia, USA I12608
40 Wilkes, Oscar Perian  Laurens, Georgia, USA I17941
41 Wilkes, Owen  Laurens, Georgia, USA I17164
42 Wilkes, Robbie L  Laurens, Georgia, USA I17167
43 Wilkes, Roland S  1963Laurens, Georgia, USA I16301
44 Wilkes, Simon Peter  1860Laurens, Georgia, USA I12720
45 Wilkes, Thomas Odin  Laurens, Georgia, USA I16153
46 Wilkes, Wallace  1952Laurens, Georgia, USA I16302
47 Wilkes, Willie D  Laurens, Georgia, USA I15506
48 Wilkes, Woodrow Wilson  Laurens, Georgia, USA I26013


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carter / Wilkes  13 Dec 1906Laurens, Georgia, USA F5637
2 Gay / Beddingfield  13 Nov 1817Laurens, Georgia, USA F4589
3 McLendon / Miller  7 Aug 1853Laurens, Georgia, USA F4829
4 McLendon / Thigpen  30 Jul 1848Laurens, Georgia, USA F4652
5 McLendon / Wilkes  27 Dec 1911Laurens, Georgia, USA F10951
6 Pope / McLendon  1 Dec 1878Laurens, Georgia, USA F4752
7 Thigpen / Gay  19 Sep 1869Laurens, Georgia, USA F4694
8 Thigpen / Williams  22 Sep 1875Laurens, Georgia, USA F4698
9 Wilkes / Arnold  28 Sep 1940Laurens, Georgia, USA F5617
10 Wilkes / Branch  29 Sep 1841Laurens, Georgia, USA F4443
11 Wilkes / Fort  30 Nov 1901Laurens, Georgia, USA F4462
12 Wilkes / Henry  2 Feb 1896Laurens, Georgia, USA F5353
13 Wilkes / Hudson  20 Jul 1874Laurens, Georgia, USA F4804
14 Wilkes / Hudson  27 May 1886Laurens, Georgia, USA F4807
15 Wilkes / Kersey  28 Jul 1835Laurens, Georgia, USA F5878
16 Wilkes / Maddox  29 Jun 1913Laurens, Georgia, USA F5611
17 Wilkes / McLendon  Jul 1873Laurens, Georgia, USA F4454
18 Wilkes / Smith  5 Jan 1899Laurens, Georgia, USA F9829
19 Wilkes / Sumner  29 Jun 1879Laurens, Georgia, USA F4457
20 Wilkes / Thigpen  12 Jun 1876Laurens, Georgia, USA F4456
21 Wilkes / Wilkes  15 Mar 1910Laurens, Georgia, USA F5613
22 Wilkes / Wynn  28 Aug 1915Laurens, Georgia, USA F5638