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Hillsborough, Florida, USA


Latitude: 27.9166700, Longitude: -82.3500000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cason, Floyd C  16 Jun 1927Hillsborough, Florida, USA I9417
2 Cason, Frances Loretta  1924Hillsborough, Florida, USA I9414
3 Cason, Jessie Mae  1922Hillsborough, Florida, USA I9413
4 Cason, Johnny John  1 Jun 1934Hillsborough, Florida, USA I9411
5 Cason, Margaret Lucille  21 Nov 1924Hillsborough, Florida, USA I9410
6 Cason, William Clyde  29 Nov 1921Hillsborough, Florida, USA I9416
7 Eddings, Louis DeLeon  5 Jul 1938Hillsborough, Florida, USA I38458
8 English, Ella Marie  22 Aug 1922Hillsborough, Florida, USA I4516
9 Keene, Melvina Missouri  7 Aug 1867Hillsborough, Florida, USA I3763
10 Kellum, Marylu Patricia  17 Jun 1945Hillsborough, Florida, USA I42994
11 Lastinger, James Christopher  7 Oct 1869Hillsborough, Florida, USA I34680
12 Whidden, Cecil Jane  1845Hillsborough, Florida, USA I4055


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Alderman, Elizabeth  18 Mar 1857Hillsborough, Florida, USA I3371
2 Alford, Levern  4 Oct 1981Hillsborough, Florida, USA I23774
3 Alford, Perry Gordon  26 Apr 1948Hillsborough, Florida, USA I23761
4 Anderson, Winnie  May 1965Hillsborough, Florida, USA I38509
5 Baggs, Eleanor  26 Jun 1866Hillsborough, Florida, USA I5040
6 Brown, Melinda Ruth  18 Aug 2016Hillsborough, Florida, USA I47845
7 Carter, Alvin Lamar  7 Jun 2009Hillsborough, Florida, USA I44556
8 Cason, Johnny John  3 Jun 1934Hillsborough, Florida, USA I9411
9 Davis, Crawford Leon  13 Apr 1996Hillsborough, Florida, USA I39686
10 Finkbeiner, Edward Herbert  23 Jun 2017Hillsborough, Florida, USA I27841
11 Franklin, Selby Washington  1857Hillsborough, Florida, USA I3372
12 Graham, Stella  28 Feb 1974Hillsborough, Florida, USA I28414
13 Green, Nellie Ruth  1 Jun 1995Hillsborough, Florida, USA I4526
14 Green, Percy Randolph  Oct 1943Hillsborough, Florida, USA I4533
15 Griffin, Dewall  29 Apr 1990Hillsborough, Florida, USA I45294
16 Hathcox, Dawn Rae  20 Oct 1963Hillsborough, Florida, USA I25745
17 Hathcox, Peter Isiah Jr  12 Oct 1987Hillsborough, Florida, USA I25730
18 Hays, Roland Robert  13 Apr 1984Hillsborough, Florida, USA I29412
19 Holland, Grover Cleveland  26 Mar 1986Hillsborough, Florida, USA I20495
20 Howell, Barbara Jean  19 Sep 2016Hillsborough, Florida, USA I4529
21 Lastinger, James Christopher  3 Aug 1946Hillsborough, Florida, USA I34680
22 Miller, Evelyn  24 Dec 1972Hillsborough, Florida, USA I29135
23 Powell, Annie Ruth  17 Jan 1995Hillsborough, Florida, USA I4520
24 Ray, Ruby Mae  Oct 1953Hillsborough, Florida, USA I38453
25 Register, Robert Jacob  27 Dec 1974Hillsborough, Florida, USA I32425
26 Rowe, Clinton Willie  20 May 1998Hillsborough, Florida, USA I40746
27 Rowe, Mary Marie  21 Jul 1967Hillsborough, Florida, USA I43510
28 Urquhart, Frances Irene  6 Oct 2017Hillsborough, Florida, USA I43521
29 Waldron, Franklin Hale  28 Mar 1970Hillsborough, Florida, USA I34969
30 Wiggins, A T  11 Dec 1993Hillsborough, Florida, USA I12207
31 Wilkes, Hilton David  25 Feb 1944Hillsborough, Florida, USA I28410
32 Wilkes, Jessie Mae  14 Jan 1971Hillsborough, Florida, USA I27829
33 Wilkes, John Claxton  23 Oct 1946Hillsborough, Florida, USA I28413
34 Williams, Glenn Daniel  Jan 1963Hillsborough, Florida, USA I12226
35 Wooten, Alyssa Michelle  2 Mar 2022Hillsborough, Florida, USA I7579


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    other    Person ID 
1 Cason, Lemuel Bryant  Hillsborough, Florida, USA I9337
2 Milton, William Wallace  Hillsborough, Florida, USA I25694


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Blalock, Mellie Ann  1 Apr 1940Hillsborough, Florida, USA I5044
2 Cason, Albert L  Hillsborough, Florida, USA I8908
3 Cason, Lemuel Bryant  Hillsborough, Florida, USA I9337
4 Crumpler, Hildred Virginia  1945Hillsborough, Florida, USA I3345
5 Kelley, Lottie  1950Hillsborough, Florida, USA I46056
6 Lee, Thurman E  1 Apr 1940Hillsborough, Florida, USA I27570
7 Milton, Ralph Archie Jr  1945Hillsborough, Florida, USA I22128
8 Milton, William Wallace  Hillsborough, Florida, USA I25694
9 Riddle, John Franklin  1950Hillsborough, Florida, USA I46054
10 Wilkes, Emmitt Evert  1943Hillsborough, Florida, USA I28415


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Eddings / Cumbie  Mar 1959Hillsborough, Florida, USA F14435
2 Rhymer / Whidden  23 Jul 1857Hillsborough, Florida, USA F1672
3 Rhymer / Whidden  26 Jan 1860Hillsborough, Florida, USA F1113
4 Wilkes / Hinson  1949Hillsborough, Florida, USA F9641
5 Wooten / Prescott  3 Aug 1968Hillsborough, Florida, USA F2909


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Divorce    Family ID 
1 Ellis / Prescott  Sep 1958Hillsborough, Florida, USA F2911
2 Griffin / Horton  Jan 1957Hillsborough, Florida, USA F17122
3 Hays / Robinson  1952Hillsborough, Florida, USA F10045
4 Vann / Greene  1933Hillsborough, Florida, USA F17944
5 Wooten / Prescott  27 Dec 2001Hillsborough, Florida, USA F2909