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Glynn, Georgia, USA


Latitude: 31.2333300, Longitude: -81.5333300


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arnett, Edwin Buster  16 Feb 1912Glynn, Georgia, USA I6398
2 Chittenden, Bonita Louise  24 May 1943Glynn, Georgia, USA I25729
3 Gibbs, Tracy H  Abt 1945Glynn, Georgia, USA I27245
4 Walker, Mary "Polly"  26 Nov 1800Glynn, Georgia, USA I12331


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Jennie  2 Oct 1976Glynn, Georgia, USA I6327
2 Chittenden, Bonita Louise  1 Apr 1944Glynn, Georgia, USA I25729
3 Crosby, Daisy Belle  20 Mar 1988Glynn, Georgia, USA I21674
4 Dixon, Amanda  6 Mar 1981Glynn, Georgia, USA I25057
5 Durden, Charles M Jr  27 Apr 1938Glynn, Georgia, USA I21662
6 Durden, Charles M  29 Feb 1944Glynn, Georgia, USA I21661
7 Gibbs, Charles Rodney  27 Mar 2000Glynn, Georgia, USA I27250
8 Gibbs, Tracy H  20 Apr 1998Glynn, Georgia, USA I27245
9 Highsmith, William Arnold  20 Mar 1945Glynn, Georgia, USA I41093
10 Howell, Lorene  3 May 1994Glynn, Georgia, USA I7568
11 Kennedy, George Anthony  13 Jul 1971Glynn, Georgia, USA I6704
12 Kimbrell, Hubert Leon  5 Apr 1995Glynn, Georgia, USA I7719
13 Mosley, John Wesley  16 Sep 1941Glynn, Georgia, USA I21639
14 Rowell, Abner Thomas  18 Mar 1950Glynn, Georgia, USA I10255
15 Royster, Jessie Wiltse  2 Nov 1994Glynn, Georgia, USA I7408
16 Sweat, Daniel Edward Sr  15 Mar 1990Glynn, Georgia, USA I7690
17 Swindle, Myrtle M  3 Dec 1976Glynn, Georgia, USA I41633
18 Wilkes, Annella  9 Apr 1966Glynn, Georgia, USA I25723
19 Wilkes, Clebourn Glenn  14 Jan 1973Glynn, Georgia, USA I25724
20 Wilkes, Patrick Clebourn  30 Oct 1947Glynn, Georgia, USA I21878
21 Wilkes, Tallulah Tabitha  14 Oct 1961Glynn, Georgia, USA I14924
22 Wilkes, Wilton  14 Aug 1962Glynn, Georgia, USA I15681


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Arnett, Edwin Buster  Glynn, Georgia, USA I6398
2 Crosby, Daisy Belle  Glynn, Georgia, USA I21674
3 Dixon, Amanda  Glynn, Georgia, USA I25057
4 Elder, Anne Adair  1998Glynn, Georgia, USA I11100
5 Evans, Margaret  Glynn, Georgia, USA I7670
6 Griffin, Elbert Erlich  1964Glynn, Georgia, USA I11398
7 Howell, Lorene  Glynn, Georgia, USA I7568
8 Lee, Rosa  Glynn, Georgia, USA I10696
9 Lord, Bessie  Glynn, Georgia, USA I25719
10 Mosley, Annie Laura  Glynn, Georgia, USA I21652
11 Mosley, Lillian Jackson "Buck"  Glynn, Georgia, USA I21665
12 Mosley, Thomas Garfield "Tom or Tommy"  Glynn, Georgia, USA I21650
13 Robinson, Harry Edward  1947Glynn, Georgia, USA I1849
14 Robinson, Mayo  Glynn, Georgia, USA I10023
15 Rowell, Abner Thomas  Glynn, Georgia, USA I10255
16 Wilkes, Annella  Glynn, Georgia, USA I25723
17 Wilkes, Clebourn Glenn  Glynn, Georgia, USA I25724
18 Wilkes, Eliza Ann  Glynn, Georgia, USA I21638
19 Wilkes, James Rayborn  Glynn, Georgia, USA I25721
20 Wilkes, Patrick Clebourn  Glynn, Georgia, USA I21878
21 Wilkes, Samuel Eroll  Glynn, Georgia, USA I13127
22 Wilkes, William Merrill  Glynn, Georgia, USA I25725
23 Wilkes, Wilson Lewis  Glynn, Georgia, USA I17428
24 Wilkes, Wilton  Glynn, Georgia, USA I15681


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anderson / Underwood  27 Dec 1901Glynn, Georgia, USA F15480
2 Arnett / Kennedy  25 Dec 1936Glynn, Georgia, USA F2484
3 Westberry / Wiggins  23 Oct 1927Glynn, Georgia, USA F5728