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Evans, Georgia, USA


Latitude: 32.1666700, Longitude: -81.8833300


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blalock, Alliegene  30 Sep 1932Evans, Georgia, USA I5031
2 Blalock, Edward  29 Apr 1931Evans, Georgia, USA I5060
3 Blalock, James Aaron  28 Feb 1928Evans, Georgia, USA I5055
4 Blalock, Leonard David  29 Sep 1918Evans, Georgia, USA I5056
5 Hendrix, Archie  3 May 1920Evans, Georgia, USA I12265
6 Hendrix, Aubrey  27 Jul 1922Evans, Georgia, USA I12271
7 Hendrix, Cleta  5 Apr 1925Evans, Georgia, USA I12260
8 Hendrix, Emmit L  3 Nov 1931Evans, Georgia, USA I25420
9 Hendrix, Hubert B  1918Evans, Georgia, USA I12263
10 Hendrix, Infant  24 Oct 1927Evans, Georgia, USA I6744
11 Hendrix, Oreta Bell  30 Sep 1928Evans, Georgia, USA I25419
12 Hodges, Betty Christine  16 Oct 1930Evans, Georgia, USA I6015
13 Hodges, Ray Coleman  27 Jun 1917Evans, Georgia, USA I41474
14 Hodges, William George Washington  7 Apr 1843Evans, Georgia, USA I41460
15 Jones, Annie Betty  29 Nov 1903Evans, Georgia, USA I41470
16 Kennedy, Joseph Everett "Joe"  8 Oct 1930Evans, Georgia, USA I6421
17 Powell, Dessie Mae  27 May 1914Evans, Georgia, USA I38698
18 Rose, Guy  15 Feb 1920Evans, Georgia, USA I25958
19 Sapp, Minor Colon  6 Feb 1918Evans, Georgia, USA I6450
20 Sapp, Roger Curtis  28 Jul 1928Evans, Georgia, USA I6457
21 Saturday, Laverna  26 Dec 1914Evans, Georgia, USA I5836
22 Saturday, Lola  10 Mar 1912Evans, Georgia, USA I5848
23 Tippins, Nancy  18 Aug 1948Evans, Georgia, USA I6642


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Elva Melrose  31 Mar 1997Evans, Georgia, USA I5063
2 Anderson, James Lewis  24 Feb 1971Evans, Georgia, USA I6079
3 Anderson, Lottie Jane  6 Jun 1978Evans, Georgia, USA I6078
4 Barrow, Essie Dell  21 Jun 1940Evans, Georgia, USA I19507
5 Blalock, Chester Grier  17 Feb 2009Evans, Georgia, USA I38240
6 Blalock, James Benjamin  9 Feb 1942Evans, Georgia, USA I5374
7 Blalock, James W  21 Apr 1985Evans, Georgia, USA I33138
8 Blalock, Jasper Melton  22 Nov 1986Evans, Georgia, USA I4999
9 Blalock, M V  20 Dec 1891Evans, Georgia, USA I5089
10 Blalock, Ruby B  31 May 1984Evans, Georgia, USA I5820
11 Blalock, William D  14 Sep 1876Evans, Georgia, USA I5093
12 Boyette, John Walling  27 Apr 1973Evans, Georgia, USA I6243
13 Bradley, Alma  16 Oct 1989Evans, Georgia, USA I5676
14 Caison, Lester Lee  18 Jul 1972Evans, Georgia, USA I8952
15 Callaway, Albert D  15 Sep 1942Evans, Georgia, USA I5443
16 Clark, Johnny M Jr  10 Apr 1983Evans, Georgia, USA I6077
17 Hendrix, Alexander S  8 Dec 1945Evans, Georgia, USA I39026
18 Hendrix, Emmit L  5 Apr 1933Evans, Georgia, USA I25420
19 Hendrix, Glenn  8 Jul 1960Evans, Georgia, USA I6599
20 Hendrix, Infant  30 Oct 1927Evans, Georgia, USA I6744
21 Hendrix, Oreta Bell  23 Oct 1930Evans, Georgia, USA I25419
22 Hodges, Nancy Jane  14 Jul 1920Evans, Georgia, USA I41461
23 Holland, David Henry  21 Aug 1920Evans, Georgia, USA I5684
24 Kirkland, Johnie W  10 Nov 1960Evans, Georgia, USA I28772
25 Lewis, Rebecca E  4 Mar 1928Evans, Georgia, USA I39027
26 Lynn, Hoke  4 Jan 1979Evans, Georgia, USA I5652
27 McLain, William Pike  24 Feb 1973Evans, Georgia, USA I29167
28 Miles, Tholer  13 Apr 2014Evans, Georgia, USA I6247
29 Paul, Wallace  6 Sep 1987Evans, Georgia, USA I5442
30 Powell, Effie Bell  10 Mar 1989Evans, Georgia, USA I5881
31 Powell, Harold Clyde  15 Jun 1964Evans, Georgia, USA I6748
32 Powell, Henry Harrison  5 Mar 1954Evans, Georgia, USA I5870
33 Powell, James Claude  19 Aug 1989Evans, Georgia, USA I6066
34 Powell, John William  9 Nov 1988Evans, Georgia, USA I6746
35 Powell, Johnny Allen  20 May 1998Evans, Georgia, USA I6761
36 Powell, Luther  22 Feb 1982Evans, Georgia, USA I6941
37 Powell, Pernie  2 Mar 1965Evans, Georgia, USA I4011
38 Powell, Sarah Ellen "Sallie"  8 Jun 1933Evans, Georgia, USA I6192
39 Sapp, Daniel E  12 Jul 1944Evans, Georgia, USA I39016
40 Sapp, Daniel M  7 Feb 1950Evans, Georgia, USA I32682
41 Sapp, James Alfred  17 Dec 1973Evans, Georgia, USA I5900
42 Sapp, James Rayford  1 Jan 1940Evans, Georgia, USA I32683
43 Sapp, Lalia  11 May 1984Evans, Georgia, USA I28773
44 Sapp, Manning Jesse  30 Dec 1932Evans, Georgia, USA I5035
45 Sapp, Matie Lee  12 Aug 1983Evans, Georgia, USA I5054
46 Sapp, Ola Harriet  14 Nov 1963Evans, Georgia, USA I5886
47 Sapp, Robert Lee  23 Feb 1949Evans, Georgia, USA I5898
48 Saturday, Leander  22 Mar 1964Evans, Georgia, USA I5829
49 Shuman, William Taft  6 May 1972Evans, Georgia, USA I6346
50 Smith, Eva Maude  16 May 1974Evans, Georgia, USA I6157

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Oliver, Charles Mark  28 Aug 1942Evans, Georgia, USA I6051
2 Powell, Dr Woodrow Wilson  6 Nov 1980Evans, Georgia, USA I6747


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    other    Person ID 
1 Blalock, John Billy Gordon  Evans, Georgia, USA I4992
2 Saturday, Robert Lee  Evans, Georgia, USA I5637


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Colon  1930Evans, Georgia, USA I5854
2 Anderson, Coy L  1930Evans, Georgia, USA I5892
3 Anderson, Elva Melrose  Evans, Georgia, USA I5063
4 Anderson, Ethel Viola  1989Evans, Georgia, USA I5596
5 Blalock, Arthur W  1920Evans, Georgia, USA I11908
6 Blalock, James W  1985Evans, Georgia, USA I33138
7 Blalock, Jasper Melton  1986Evans, Georgia, USA I4999
8 Blalock, John Billy Gordon  1917Evans, Georgia, USA I4992
9 Boyette, John Walling  Evans, Georgia, USA I6243
10 Boyette, Tressie Inez  1990Evans, Georgia, USA I6258
11 Bradley, Alma  Oct 1969Evans, Georgia, USA I5676
12 Clark, Johnny M Jr  1983Evans, Georgia, USA I6077
13 Hendrix, Charles A. Sr.  1988Evans, Georgia, USA I6600
14 Hendrix, Glenn  1960Evans, Georgia, USA I6599
15 Hendrix, James Alfred "JIm"  Evans, Georgia, USA I6468
16 Kennedy, Joseph Everett "Joe"  Jun 1997Evans, Georgia, USA I6421
17 Kirkland, Elijah Ferrell  1966Evans, Georgia, USA I28728
18 Kirkland, Johnie W  1960Evans, Georgia, USA I28772
19 Murphy, Zion D  1984Evans, Georgia, USA I33934
20 Powell, Effie Bell  Evans, Georgia, USA I5881
21 Powell, Frederick "Fed"  1953Evans, Georgia, USA I6041
22 Powell, George Anthony "Andy"  Evans, Georgia, USA I6763
23 Powell, Harold Clyde  Evans, Georgia, USA I6748
24 Powell, Henry Harrison  1954Evans, Georgia, USA I5870
25 Powell, Jesse Allen  Evans, Georgia, USA I5882
26 Powell, Johnny Allen  Evans, Georgia, USA I6761
27 Powell, Luther  Evans, Georgia, USA I6941
28 Rewis, James Freddie Sr  1987Evans, Georgia, USA I34498
29 Sapp, Lalia  1984Evans, Georgia, USA I28773
30 Sapp, Martha "Mattie"  1958Evans, Georgia, USA I5876
31 Sapp, Matie Lee  1983Evans, Georgia, USA I5054
32 Sapp, Ola Harriet  Evans, Georgia, USA I5886
33 Sapp, Rufus L  1991Evans, Georgia, USA I6259
34 Sapp, William Riley  1920Evans, Georgia, USA I5895
35 Saturday, Leander  1964Evans, Georgia, USA I5829
36 Saturday, Lola  1920Evans, Georgia, USA I5848
37 Saturday, Robert Lee  Evans, Georgia, USA I5637
38 Sikes, Johnny Burford  Evans, Georgia, USA I6447
39 Wilkes, Mattie Eva  Evans, Georgia, USA I15925
40 Wood, William Henry  Evans, Georgia, USA I6295
41 Wrenn, Jessie Evelyn  1995Evans, Georgia, USA I6596


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Saturday / Anderson  11 Jan 1919Evans, Georgia, USA F8496