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Dooly, Georgia, USA


Latitude: 32.1500000, Longitude: -83.7833300


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bullard, Sarah Ellen  12 Sep 1854Dooly, Georgia, USA I16318
2 Bullock, Bessie Inez  Sep 1887Dooly, Georgia, USA I21891
3 Bullock, Daisy Uriah  Jul 1889Dooly, Georgia, USA I21889
4 Bullock, Ethel Ophelia  Sep 1884Dooly, Georgia, USA I21890
5 Cribb, Mary J  1861Dooly, Georgia, USA I21883
6 Cribb, Miles L  1873Dooly, Georgia, USA I21887
7 Cribb, Sarah E "Bessie"  1867Dooly, Georgia, USA I21885
8 Cribb, Susan J  1865Dooly, Georgia, USA I21884
9 Cribb, Thursa  1872Dooly, Georgia, USA I21886
10 Hughes, Bertice Virgie  1916Dooly, Georgia, USA I16329
11 Hughes, Charlie I  1913Dooly, Georgia, USA I16335
12 Hughes, Clara Flora  1906Dooly, Georgia, USA I16324
13 Hughes, Curtis  1920Dooly, Georgia, USA I16331
14 Hughes, Daniel A  1849Dooly, Georgia, USA I15092
15 Hughes, David B  24 Jul 1852Dooly, Georgia, USA I15097
16 Hughes, Dorothy  1922Dooly, Georgia, USA I16337
17 Hughes, Edith  1914Dooly, Georgia, USA I16328
18 Hughes, Ella Virginia  20 Dec 1856Dooly, Georgia, USA I15099
19 Hughes, Flora E  17 Jun 1846Dooly, Georgia, USA I15090
20 Hughes, Flory  1909Dooly, Georgia, USA I16334
21 Hughes, George Duncan  20 Mar 1844Dooly, Georgia, USA I15089
22 Hughes, Henrietta  20 Oct 1850Dooly, Georgia, USA I15096
23 Hughes, Homer Ousley  28 Mar 1875Dooly, Georgia, USA I16320
24 Hughes, Idus  29 Oct 1878Dooly, Georgia, USA I16322
25 Hughes, James L  Apr 1854Dooly, Georgia, USA I15098
26 Hughes, John David  3 Jun 1877Dooly, Georgia, USA I16321
27 Hughes, John H  1842Dooly, Georgia, USA I15088
28 Hughes, Katherine Elizabeth  7 Sep 1938Dooly, Georgia, USA I35639
29 Hughes, Luther  1912Dooly, Georgia, USA I16327
30 Hughes, Martha L  1848Dooly, Georgia, USA I15091
31 Hughes, Mary Elizabeth  23 Nov 1837Dooly, Georgia, USA I15086
32 Hughes, Nora Mae  19 Nov 1904Dooly, Georgia, USA I16338
33 Hughes, Sarah A  1840Dooly, Georgia, USA I15087
34 Hughes, Sarah A  29 Jul 1882Dooly, Georgia, USA I16317
35 Hughes, Walter  1909Dooly, Georgia, USA I16326
36 Hughes, Wesley Lane  14 Oct 1907Dooly, Georgia, USA I16325
37 Hughes, Willis  14 Jan 1881Dooly, Georgia, USA I16316
38 McCorvey, Neil  20 Sep 1818Dooly, Georgia, USA I38822
39 Thomaston, Mary Catherine  1917Dooly, Georgia, USA I35638
40 Vinson, Nanie Mae  6 Apr 1900Dooly, Georgia, USA I16677
41 Wilkes, A Taylor  26 Dec 1846Dooly, Georgia, USA I16636
42 Wilkes, Adel  Feb 1890Dooly, Georgia, USA I16667
43 Wilkes, Annette  1898Dooly, Georgia, USA I16673
44 Wilkes, Annie  1877Dooly, Georgia, USA I16662
45 Wilkes, Annie  1879Dooly, Georgia, USA I16643
46 Wilkes, Ardelia  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I16641
47 Wilkes, Beulah  1877Dooly, Georgia, USA I16647
48 Wilkes, Boots  8 Dec 1909Dooly, Georgia, USA I44110
49 Wilkes, Clara  1875Dooly, Georgia, USA I16646
50 Wilkes, Clarissa  1836Dooly, Georgia, USA I16653

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bowen, Louisa  12 Sep 1923Dooly, Georgia, USA I16332
2 Bullard, Sarah Ellen  6 Apr 1891Dooly, Georgia, USA I16318
3 Burnett, Lennie Lou  16 Apr 1957Dooly, Georgia, USA I16323
4 Crumpler, Lucy  Dooly, Georgia, USA I30604
5 Dannelly, Mary  4 Jul 1856Dooly, Georgia, USA I16622
6 Hughes, Angus  9 Jun 1884Dooly, Georgia, USA I14755
7 Hughes, David B  12 Oct 1931Dooly, Georgia, USA I15097
8 Hughes, George Duncan  12 May 1915Dooly, Georgia, USA I15089
9 Hughes, Henrietta  23 Mar 1932Dooly, Georgia, USA I15096
10 Hughes, John H  19 Jun 1884Dooly, Georgia, USA I15088
11 Hughes, Martha L  Between 16 Oct 1850 and 8 Aug 1860Dooly, Georgia, USA I15091
12 Hughes, Mary Elizabeth  6 Oct 1882Dooly, Georgia, USA I15086
13 Hughes, Nora Mae  23 Nov 1904Dooly, Georgia, USA I16338
14 Hughes, Sarah A  19 Sep 1883Dooly, Georgia, USA I16317
15 Hughes, Willis  24 Feb 1881Dooly, Georgia, USA I16316
16 Ingram, Litty Patten  31 Dec 1901Dooly, Georgia, USA I16639
17 Lnu, Henrietta  12 Jan 1884Dooly, Georgia, USA I16632
18 Lnu, Louisa  Dooly, Georgia, USA I16654
19 Mason, Freeman Turner  16 May 1915Dooly, Georgia, USA I16319
20 McCorvey, Lucy "Della"  30 May 1913Dooly, Georgia, USA I16664
21 McCorvey, Neil  4 Jun 1897Dooly, Georgia, USA I38822
22 Vinson, Arlie L  Abt 1923Dooly, Georgia, USA I27982
23 Vinson, John T  22 Mar 1919Dooly, Georgia, USA I19553
24 Vinson, Nanie Mae  9 Aug 1983Dooly, Georgia, USA I16677
25 Wilkes, A Taylor  6 Dec 1887Dooly, Georgia, USA I16636
26 Wilkes, Elijah  1839Dooly, Georgia, USA I16625
27 Wilkes, Ethel Louise  1999Dooly, Georgia, USA I16698
28 Wilkes, Female  1 Nov 1923Dooly, Georgia, USA I17369
29 Wilkes, George W  Dooly, Georgia, USA I16648
30 Wilkes, Henry  15 Jul 1919Dooly, Georgia, USA I14020
31 Wilkes, Henry C  15 Apr 1899Dooly, Georgia, USA I16634
32 Wilkes, John David  1 Aug 1881Dooly, Georgia, USA I16626
33 Wilkes, John R  Aft 1900Dooly, Georgia, USA I16652
34 Wilkes, Mary  2 Sep 1877Dooly, Georgia, USA I15085
35 Wilkes, Rufus Washington  13 Jun 1904Dooly, Georgia, USA I16655
36 Wilkes, Scebright  Dooly, Georgia, USA I16665
37 Wilkes, Solomon Branch  Aft 1860Dooly, Georgia, USA I12577


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cribb, Andrew Jackson  1860Dooly, Georgia, USA I21882
2 Cribb, Andrew Jackson  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I21882
3 Cribb, Mary J  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I21883
4 Cribb, Sarah E "Bessie"  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I21885
5 Cribb, Susan J  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I21884
6 Hughes, Angus  1860Dooly, Georgia, USA I14755
7 Hughes, Angus  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I14755
8 Hughes, Daniel A  1860Dooly, Georgia, USA I15092
9 Hughes, Daniel A  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I15092
10 Hughes, David B  1860Dooly, Georgia, USA I15097
11 Hughes, David B  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I15097
12 Hughes, Ella Virginia  1860Dooly, Georgia, USA I15099
13 Hughes, Ella Virginia  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I15099
14 Hughes, Flora E  1860Dooly, Georgia, USA I15090
15 Hughes, Flora E  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I15090
16 Hughes, George Duncan  1860Dooly, Georgia, USA I15089
17 Hughes, George Duncan  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I15089
18 Hughes, Henrietta  1860Dooly, Georgia, USA I15096
19 Hughes, Henrietta  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I15096
20 Hughes, Homer Ousley  12 Sep 1918Dooly, Georgia, USA I16320
21 Hughes, James L  1860Dooly, Georgia, USA I15098
22 Hughes, James L  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I15098
23 Hughes, John H  1860Dooly, Georgia, USA I15088
24 Hughes, John H  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I15088
25 Hughes, Mary Elizabeth  1860Dooly, Georgia, USA I15086
26 Hughes, Mary Elizabeth  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I15086
27 Hughes, Sarah A  1860Dooly, Georgia, USA I15087
28 Hughes, Wesley Lane  Dooly, Georgia, USA I16325
29 Ingram, Litty Patten  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I16639
30 Lnu, Hattie Ione  Dooly, Georgia, USA I16330
31 Lnu, Henrietta  1860Dooly, Georgia, USA I16632
32 Lnu, Henrietta  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I16632
33 Lnu, Louisa  1860Dooly, Georgia, USA I16654
34 Lnu, Louisa  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I16654
35 Lnu, Mary  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I21881
36 Mason, Freeman Turner  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I16319
37 Wilkes, A Taylor  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I16636
38 Wilkes, Ardelia  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I16641
39 Wilkes, Britton  1 Jun 1840Dooly, Georgia, USA I16629
40 Wilkes, Clarissa  1860Dooly, Georgia, USA I16653
41 Wilkes, Clarissa  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I16653
42 Wilkes, Dquesta  Dooly, Georgia, USA I16669
43 Wilkes, Elijah  1830Dooly, Georgia, USA I12579
44 Wilkes, Emma  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I16657
45 Wilkes, George W  1860Dooly, Georgia, USA I16648
46 Wilkes, George W  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I16648
47 Wilkes, Henry C  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I16634
48 Wilkes, James  1860Dooly, Georgia, USA I16631
49 Wilkes, John David  1 Jun 1840Dooly, Georgia, USA I16626
50 Wilkes, John David  1870Dooly, Georgia, USA I16626

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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Cribb / Wilkes  8 Jan 1860Dooly, Georgia, USA F5946
2 Mason / Hughes  31 Jan 1867Dooly, Georgia, USA F5494
3 McCorvey / Wilkes  16 Dec 1852Dooly, Georgia, USA F14290
4 Wilkes / Patton  3 Jan 1875Dooly, Georgia, USA F5948