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Colquitt, Georgia, USA


Latitude: 31.1833300, Longitude: -83.7666700


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Burdett, Tammie M  1920Colquitt, Georgia, USA I27923
2 Cason, Katherine Leslie  13 Jun 1896Colquitt, Georgia, USA I3023
3 Cone, John Malcolm  3 Jan 1951Colquitt, Georgia, USA I29242
4 Padgett, Elizabeth  28 Dec 1918Colquitt, Georgia, USA I28134
5 Padgett, John Franklin  21 Feb 1896Colquitt, Georgia, USA I27864
6 Sharpe, Grover Turner  4 Jan 1922Colquitt, Georgia, USA I21761
7 Sharpe, James Turner  10 Jan 1876Colquitt, Georgia, USA I15229
8 Sharpe, Louise  10 Dec 1914Colquitt, Georgia, USA I21760
9 Sorrell, Fannie Mae  17 Feb 1887Colquitt, Georgia, USA I28058
10 Wilkes, Charles Lee  15 Nov 1875Colquitt, Georgia, USA I14035
11 Wilkes, Cullen Lindsey  3 Apr 1903Colquitt, Georgia, USA I15239
12 Wilkes, Effie Queen  11 Apr 1908Colquitt, Georgia, USA I17725
13 Wilkes, Henry Jacob Jr  13 Oct 1921Colquitt, Georgia, USA I36270
14 Wilkes, Laura L  1914Colquitt, Georgia, USA I21767
15 Wilkes, Lawrence  26 Jul 1913Colquitt, Georgia, USA I27919
16 Wilkes, Lizzie B  1904Colquitt, Georgia, USA I21763
17 Wilkes, Lorene  16 May 1909Colquitt, Georgia, USA I21766
18 Wilkes, Margaret Sue  2 Mar 1930Colquitt, Georgia, USA I31332
19 Wilkes, Mary Delma  10 Jul 1899Colquitt, Georgia, USA I23079
20 Wilkes, Patrick H  16 Dec 1901Colquitt, Georgia, USA I23080
21 Wilkes, Vera  27 Dec 1905Colquitt, Georgia, USA I21764
22 Wilkes, Wallace Edison  11 Feb 1894Colquitt, Georgia, USA I23086
23 Wilkes, Willie  1908Colquitt, Georgia, USA I21765


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Crews, Mary E  Colquitt, Georgia, USA I40709
2 Goff, Jenny  11 Nov 1943Colquitt, Georgia, USA I14031
3 Lane, Bryant F  2 Jan 1935Colquitt, Georgia, USA I30863
4 Lane, Reuben Lonnie  18 Jan 1958Colquitt, Georgia, USA I30857
5 Lnu, Laura Virginia  16 Oct 1952Colquitt, Georgia, USA I21762
6 Marchant, Loretta  31 Jan 1956Colquitt, Georgia, USA I23056
7 Miller, Martha Jane  1 May 1937Colquitt, Georgia, USA I15230
8 Newton, Arthur Anderson  4 Aug 1959Colquitt, Georgia, USA I28639
9 Overstreet, A Elizabeth  18 May 1928Colquitt, Georgia, USA I14395
10 Patterson, Clarence William  23 Mar 1993Colquitt, Georgia, USA I34036
11 Sharpe, James Turner  9 Oct 1948Colquitt, Georgia, USA I15229
12 Sorrell, Fannie Mae  7 Sep 1922Colquitt, Georgia, USA I28058
13 Wilkes, Bessie Mae  16 Oct 1981Colquitt, Georgia, USA I17722
14 Wilkes, Catherine  26 Jul 1928Colquitt, Georgia, USA I14019
15 Wilkes, Emory S  16 Oct 1932Colquitt, Georgia, USA I23083
16 Wilkes, George Washington  17 Sep 1922Colquitt, Georgia, USA I17492
17 Wilkes, Jesse Lowell  5 Apr 1958Colquitt, Georgia, USA I23057
18 Wilkes, John Monroe  6 Jan 1950Colquitt, Georgia, USA I19216
19 Wilkes, Lawrence  31 Aug 1914Colquitt, Georgia, USA I27919
20 Wilkes, Lorene  13 Jun 1921Colquitt, Georgia, USA I21766
21 Wilkes, Marvin W  15 Dec 1956Colquitt, Georgia, USA I23081
22 Wilkes, Oscar Harrison  6 Nov 1952Colquitt, Georgia, USA I21265
23 Wilkes, Patrick H  3 Sep 1965Colquitt, Georgia, USA I23080
24 Wilkes, Rachel Sarah  24 Jan 1928Colquitt, Georgia, USA I14028
25 Wilkes, William Leonard  26 Feb 1920Colquitt, Georgia, USA I14034


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    other    Person ID 
1 Padgett, John Franklin  Colquitt, Georgia, USA I27864
2 Wilkes, Henry Jacob  Colquitt, Georgia, USA I15754
3 Wilkes, Willie W  Colquitt, Georgia, USA I17720


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bachelor, Bonnie  1983Colquitt, Georgia, USA I28638
2 Collins, William Martin  1995Colquitt, Georgia, USA I5076
3 Dempsey, Troy C  Colquitt, Georgia, USA I4022
4 Loyd, Willie Sam  Colquitt, Georgia, USA I12276
5 Marchant, Loretta  Colquitt, Georgia, USA I23056
6 Newton, Arthur Anderson  1959Colquitt, Georgia, USA I28639
7 Padgett, General Lee  5 Jun 1917Colquitt, Georgia, USA I27830
8 Padgett, John Franklin  7 Jun 1917Colquitt, Georgia, USA I27864
9 Patterson, Clarence William  1993Colquitt, Georgia, USA I34036
10 Powell, Ida Mae  1995Colquitt, Georgia, USA I3971
11 Revills, Raphael Brooks  1991Colquitt, Georgia, USA I34246
12 Rogers, Marvin Taylor  1995Colquitt, Georgia, USA I6323
13 Sharpe, James Turner  1948Colquitt, Georgia, USA I15229
14 Weaver, Florida  1987Colquitt, Georgia, USA I27932
15 Wilkes, Bessie Mae  1981Colquitt, Georgia, USA I17722
16 Wilkes, Henry Jacob  1965Colquitt, Georgia, USA I15754
17 Wilkes, Jesse Lowell  Colquitt, Georgia, USA I23057
18 Wilkes, John Anderson Jr  Colquitt, Georgia, USA I23082
19 Wilkes, John Monroe  1950Colquitt, Georgia, USA I19216
20 Wilkes, Marvin W  1956Colquitt, Georgia, USA I23081
21 Wilkes, Max  1969Colquitt, Georgia, USA I23084
22 Wilkes, Oscar Harrison  1952Colquitt, Georgia, USA I21265
23 Wilkes, Patrick H  1965Colquitt, Georgia, USA I23080
24 Wilkes, Samuel Rudolph  Colquitt, Georgia, USA I21273
25 Wilkes, Vera  1984Colquitt, Georgia, USA I21764
26 Wilkes, Willie W  17 Jun 1917Colquitt, Georgia, USA I17720


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Wilkes / Graves  27 Aug 1903Colquitt, Georgia, USA F6201
2 Wilkes / Sorrell  20 Nov 1904Colquitt, Georgia, USA F9500