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Clinch, Georgia, USA


Latitude: 30.9000000, Longitude: -82.7333300


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barber, Cecil  7 Mar 1917Clinch, Georgia, USA I10150
2 Booth, Lander A  8 Apr 1906Clinch, Georgia, USA I10010
3 Cason, Alfred Gibbs  20 Oct 1921Clinch, Georgia, USA I11994
4 Cason, Alfred Joel  21 Jan 1887Clinch, Georgia, USA I11976
5 Cason, Bereen  1916Clinch, Georgia, USA I11992
6 Cason, Bessie  1907Clinch, Georgia, USA I33881
7 Cason, Conyer H  1901Clinch, Georgia, USA I11984
8 Cason, Daniel F  1909Clinch, Georgia, USA I11985
9 Cason, Emma E  1862Clinch, Georgia, USA I11988
10 Cason, Eva  16 Jun 1913Clinch, Georgia, USA I11991
11 Cason, George W  1894Clinch, Georgia, USA I11980
12 Cason, Hilery T  1896Clinch, Georgia, USA I11981
13 Cason, Hillery Roy  Jan 1895Clinch, Georgia, USA I33879
14 Cason, James  Jan 1898Clinch, Georgia, USA I33880
15 Cason, Joel C  12 Jun 1864Clinch, Georgia, USA I11974
16 Cason, John H  Jan 1891Clinch, Georgia, USA I33878
17 Cason, John Leonard  1 Apr 1889Clinch, Georgia, USA I11977
18 Cason, John Marion  6 Nov 1870Clinch, Georgia, USA I12002
19 Cason, Lonie M  1898Clinch, Georgia, USA I11982
20 Cason, Martha  1869Clinch, Georgia, USA I11990
21 Cason, Mary E  1899Clinch, Georgia, USA I11983
22 Cason, Mildred  7 Mar 1921Clinch, Georgia, USA I28493
23 Cason, Myrtle  1919Clinch, Georgia, USA I11993
24 Cason, Rossie L  1912Clinch, Georgia, USA I11987
25 Cason, Samuel  Feb 1868Clinch, Georgia, USA I11989
26 Cason, Samuel  Oct 1908Clinch, Georgia, USA I33882
27 Cason, William L  Oct 1918Clinch, Georgia, USA I11998
28 Cason, William M  11 Aug 1890Clinch, Georgia, USA I11978
29 Chancey, Jeremiah Jr  1828Clinch, Georgia, USA I36728
30 Douglas, Sarah  1840Clinch, Georgia, USA I5217
31 Dryden, Annie Belle  1877Clinch, Georgia, USA I5207
32 Evans, Alton  20 Aug 1909Clinch, Georgia, USA I28536
33 Evans, Barney  1906Clinch, Georgia, USA I28534
34 Evans, Esta Mae  1912Clinch, Georgia, USA I28537
35 Evans, Ila  1907Clinch, Georgia, USA I28535
36 Evans, John Marshall Jr  5 Sep 1916Clinch, Georgia, USA I28538
37 Evans, Margaret  19 Jul 1919Clinch, Georgia, USA I7670
38 Evans, Odessa  1904Clinch, Georgia, USA I28533
39 Griffis, Emma Aline  9 Oct 1898Clinch, Georgia, USA I29499
40 Griffis, Horace Hillery  4 Jan 1901Clinch, Georgia, USA I24700
41 Griffis, Mary Jane  20 May 1894Clinch, Georgia, USA I28528
42 Jordan, Rebecca  4 Nov 1871Clinch, Georgia, USA I11975
43 Jordan, Thelma Jean  1946Clinch, Georgia, USA I38735
44 Kight, Clara  Feb 1909Clinch, Georgia, USA I10114
45 Kirkland, George Cidney  29 Oct 1861Clinch, Georgia, USA I1928
46 Kirkland, George O'Neil  10 Feb 1911Clinch, Georgia, USA I1987
47 Mathis, Joshua  1828Clinch, Georgia, USA I3738
48 Mattox, Helen Octavia  14 Jan 1883Clinch, Georgia, USA I7355
49 McClendon, Child  22 Jun 1886Clinch, Georgia, USA I15410
50 McClendon, Lorena Florence  11 Nov 1871Clinch, Georgia, USA I15405

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, John Jr  1877Clinch, Georgia, USA I28730
2 Anderson, Nancy  1920Clinch, Georgia, USA I28737
3 Avera, Daniel  1888Clinch, Georgia, USA I5203
4 Barber, Flonnie Doris  8 Aug 1991Clinch, Georgia, USA I10148
5 Barber, Nancy Angeline  27 Mar 1924Clinch, Georgia, USA I37777
6 Barber, Samuel Jackson  9 Feb 1967Clinch, Georgia, USA I7398
7 Bennett, Hampton  30 Jul 1921Clinch, Georgia, USA I9236
8 Cason, Bartholomew  16 Sep 1908Clinch, Georgia, USA I9482
9 Cason, Emma E  26 Aug 1903Clinch, Georgia, USA I11988
10 Cason, George W  26 Jun 1956Clinch, Georgia, USA I11980
11 Cason, Joel C  1 Dec 1925Clinch, Georgia, USA I11974
12 Cason, John Leonard  13 Mar 1926Clinch, Georgia, USA I11977
13 Cason, John Marion  2 Jul 1964Clinch, Georgia, USA I12002
14 Cason, Samuel  1910Clinch, Georgia, USA I11989
15 Cason, William L  11 May 1986Clinch, Georgia, USA I11998
16 Cook, Tobitha  1890Clinch, Georgia, USA I5204
17 Evans, John Marshall  2 Apr 1956Clinch, Georgia, USA I28532
18 Griffis, Emma Aline  16 Jun 1952Clinch, Georgia, USA I29499
19 Griffis, Mary Jane  12 May 1930Clinch, Georgia, USA I28528
20 Griffis, Samuel B  23 Dec 1938Clinch, Georgia, USA I24701
21 Henderson, William Martis  28 Mar 1968Clinch, Georgia, USA I39923
22 Jordan, Mary Jane  6 Sep 1887Clinch, Georgia, USA I35490
23 Jordan, Rebecca  29 Nov 1925Clinch, Georgia, USA I11975
24 Kingery, Elizabeth  1860Clinch, Georgia, USA I8977
25 Kirkland, John Cobb  27 Jun 1904Clinch, Georgia, USA I32260
26 McClendon, Child  22 Jun 1886Clinch, Georgia, USA I15410
27 McClendon, Lorena Florence  1 Jun 1881Clinch, Georgia, USA I15405
28 McLendon, Dennis Sr  Jan 1860Clinch, Georgia, USA I12991
29 McLendon, James Madison  1900Clinch, Georgia, USA I13410
30 McLendon, James Madison  4 Mar 1900Clinch, Georgia, USA I15404
31 McLendon, Maggie Lou  19 Aug 1882Clinch, Georgia, USA I15406
32 Mills, Frederick Jackson Sr  10 Aug 1850Clinch, Georgia, USA I2119
33 Newbern, John  18 Nov 1863Clinch, Georgia, USA I11899
34 North, Caroline  3 Jul 1922Clinch, Georgia, USA I25016
35 Pittman, Field D Clifton  26 Jan 1979Clinch, Georgia, USA I29500
36 Powell, Cynthia  1885Clinch, Georgia, USA I28729
37 Rewis, John William  1 Jun 1961Clinch, Georgia, USA I40039
38 Sedgwick, William Fountain  30 Nov 1921Clinch, Georgia, USA I8492
39 Stalvey, Benjamin S  8 Oct 1874Clinch, Georgia, USA I3682
40 Sweat, Milton Oscar  9 Jun 1989Clinch, Georgia, USA I7817
41 Thomas, Nancy Banner  1892Clinch, Georgia, USA I5209
42 Tomlinson, Sarah Sallie  12 May 1923Clinch, Georgia, USA I3681
43 Waldron, Asbury B  3 Dec 1899Clinch, Georgia, USA I25014
44 Waldron, Elias David  20 Oct 1894Clinch, Georgia, USA I5208
45 Waldron, James David  3 Sep 1899Clinch, Georgia, USA I25017


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Barber, Cecil  Clinch, Georgia, USA I10150
2 Barber, Samuel Jackson  1967Clinch, Georgia, USA I7398
3 Cason, Elijah Lewis  5 Jun 1917Clinch, Georgia, USA I11979
4 Cason, George W  Clinch, Georgia, USA I11980
5 Cason, John Marion  1964Clinch, Georgia, USA I12002
6 Cason, William L  1986Clinch, Georgia, USA I11998
7 Cason, William M  5 Jun 1917Clinch, Georgia, USA I11978
8 Cason, William M  1967Clinch, Georgia, USA I11978
9 Chancey, Ardelia  1950Clinch, Georgia, USA I36731
10 Griffis, Horace Hillery  Clinch, Georgia, USA I24700
11 Robinson, Harry Edward  12 Sep 1918Clinch, Georgia, USA I1849
12 Shaw, Ruby  Clinch, Georgia, USA I7137
13 Smith, Annie  1994Clinch, Georgia, USA I28499
14 Smith, Reverend William  Between 1750 and 1916Clinch, Georgia, USA I12416
15 Sweat, Milton Oscar  Clinch, Georgia, USA I7817
16 Waldron, Elias David  Between 1750 and 1916Clinch, Georgia, USA I5208


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cason / Futch  7 Apr 1926Clinch, Georgia, USA F9671
2 Cason / Griffis  12 Sep 1889Clinch, Georgia, USA F9687
3 Cason / Jordan  9 Jul 1885Clinch, Georgia, USA F12763
4 Cason / Smith  22 Feb 1920Clinch, Georgia, USA F9675
5 Collier / Rewis  24 Dec 1931Clinch, Georgia, USA F14875
6 Evans / Cason  6 Apr 1929Clinch, Georgia, USA F2923
7 Griffis / Cason  16 Jun 1884Clinch, Georgia, USA F8212
8 Inman / Evans  24 Dec 1924Clinch, Georgia, USA F2943
9 James / Robinson  2 Aug 1914Clinch, Georgia, USA F2838
10 Strickland / Waldron  22 Nov 1941Clinch, Georgia, USA F14775