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Candler, Georgia, USA


Latitude: 32.5005600, Longitude: -82.0666700


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aldrich, Harold Jerome  1961Candler, Georgia, USA I10958
2 Blalock, Earline  20 Jun 1921Candler, Georgia, USA I5028
3 Blalock, Margaret  8 Feb 1925Candler, Georgia, USA I5027
4 Blalock, Wallace  28 Dec 1915Candler, Georgia, USA I5025
5 Blalock, Walter  21 Jan 1914Candler, Georgia, USA I5026
6 Blalock, Willard  14 Feb 1919Candler, Georgia, USA I5029
7 Collins, George Walton  18 May 1920Candler, Georgia, USA I32204
8 Donaldson, Rawleigh  25 Apr 1915Candler, Georgia, USA I9764
9 Keen, Cora E  26 Oct 1879Candler, Georgia, USA I32200
10 Kennedy, Dr Robert Louis  18 Feb 1898Candler, Georgia, USA I11057
11 Lee, George Robert  20 Sep 1924Candler, Georgia, USA I9881
12 Powell, Jeffery Leonard  11 Aug 1974Candler, Georgia, USA I32817
13 Sapp, Ada  11 Aug 1897Candler, Georgia, USA I5023
14 Woods, John Willis  19 Oct 1919Candler, Georgia, USA I7153


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Allen, Solomon Ernest  3 Jun 1980Candler, Georgia, USA I9846
2 Blalock, John Billy Gordon  22 Aug 1943Candler, Georgia, USA I4992
3 Blalock, William Melton  8 May 1965Candler, Georgia, USA I4988
4 Boyett, Sarah Ann  27 Nov 1929Candler, Georgia, USA I5683
5 Boyette, Tressie Inez  15 Dec 1990Candler, Georgia, USA I6258
6 Brinson, Valvester  28 Oct 1951Candler, Georgia, USA I21709
7 Cannady, Edith  11 Feb 1934Candler, Georgia, USA I4067
8 Cannady, Tempie  10 Sep 1949Candler, Georgia, USA I9716
9 Cannon, Willie Thomas  29 Jul 1993Candler, Georgia, USA I6261
10 Collins, Merle  28 Apr 1996Candler, Georgia, USA I11877
11 Collins, Myrtie  8 Dec 1991Candler, Georgia, USA I6588
12 Dickerson, Faircy  5 Oct 1963Candler, Georgia, USA I5412
13 Elkins, Annie Leola  22 Dec 1975Candler, Georgia, USA I11051
14 Elkins, Julia Edna  10 Sep 1994Candler, Georgia, USA I11052
15 Harper, Herbert Cecil  22 Feb 1982Candler, Georgia, USA I6275
16 Hires, Nora  2 Mar 1966Candler, Georgia, USA I6196
17 Hodges, William George Washington  26 May 1929Candler, Georgia, USA I41460
18 Holland, Bobby Edwin  16 Aug 1994Candler, Georgia, USA I5694
19 Holland, Lester Rolland  15 Jul 1969Candler, Georgia, USA I5686
20 Holland, Russell James  16 Dec 1997Candler, Georgia, USA I5693
21 Jones, Mary Etta  5 Mar 1931Candler, Georgia, USA I4060
22 Jones, Tom  1919Candler, Georgia, USA I4066
23 Kennedy, Dr Robert Louis  1 Apr 1954Candler, Georgia, USA I11057
24 Kersey, Estus L  8 Apr 1968Candler, Georgia, USA I26756
25 Lanier, James Berrien  10 Nov 1940Candler, Georgia, USA I9715
26 Lanier, Jefferson Grady Sr  22 Aug 1961Candler, Georgia, USA I9712
27 Lanier, John Morgan  28 Jan 1940Candler, Georgia, USA I9711
28 Lnu, Gladys  16 Jun 1993Candler, Georgia, USA I23900
29 Mercer, Janie  5 Nov 1974Candler, Georgia, USA I26413
30 Mosley, Jincie Etta  17 Aug 1964Candler, Georgia, USA I14593
31 Paul, Dean  26 Oct 1992Candler, Georgia, USA I5612
32 Powell, Gladys  6 Nov 1982Candler, Georgia, USA I4954
33 Powell, Lela  24 Oct 1954Candler, Georgia, USA I6193
34 Powell, Lucion Quincy  15 Feb 1974Candler, Georgia, USA I10420
35 Powell, Martha Jane  25 Apr 1929Candler, Georgia, USA I6742
36 Powell, Rabun Kermit  25 May 1968Candler, Georgia, USA I4978
37 Powell, Sue Nell  17 Mar 1998Candler, Georgia, USA I3969
38 Powell, William Arthur  6 Feb 1987Candler, Georgia, USA I34083
39 Robinson, Helen Myrtice  11 Jul 1994Candler, Georgia, USA I25070
40 Sapp, Rufus L  27 Oct 1991Candler, Georgia, USA I6259
41 Saturday, Mary Mozelle  19 Aug 1966Candler, Georgia, USA I5832
42 Sikes, George W  4 Oct 1976Candler, Georgia, USA I34096
43 Sikes, Glenn H  2 Jan 1994Candler, Georgia, USA I46386
44 Sikes, Johnny Burford  4 Aug 1992Candler, Georgia, USA I6447
45 Thrift, Eliza  23 Aug 1932Candler, Georgia, USA I5034
46 Waters, Maggie M  12 Apr 1972Candler, Georgia, USA I6290
47 Wilkes, Harvie  12 Feb 1980Candler, Georgia, USA I15927
48 Wilkes, Roy Guyton  24 May 1985Candler, Georgia, USA I26400
49 Williams, Kenneth Clinton  24 Oct 1993Candler, Georgia, USA I6628
50 Wrenn, Clinton Lamar  8 Aug 1977Candler, Georgia, USA I6604


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Lynn, Charles Edward  14 May 1999Candler, Georgia, USA I19512


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    other    Person ID 
1 Williams, John G  Candler, Georgia, USA I26647


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Allen, Solomon Ernest  1980Candler, Georgia, USA I9846
2 Collins, Merle  Candler, Georgia, USA I11877
3 Elkins, Annie Leola  Candler, Georgia, USA I11051
4 Farlow, Harvey A.  Candler, Georgia, USA I6194
5 Flanders, Ruthie Roxie  1935Candler, Georgia, USA I31187
6 Greene, Loren "Van" Sr  Candler, Georgia, USA I6810
7 Hires, Nora  Candler, Georgia, USA I6196
8 Kennedy, Dr Robert Louis  1954Candler, Georgia, USA I11057
9 Lanier, Ones  1973Candler, Georgia, USA I9714
10 Monroe, Clarice Louvenia  1935Candler, Georgia, USA I31190
11 Monroe, Jean Eloise  1935Candler, Georgia, USA I31192
12 Monroe, Lynette  1935Candler, Georgia, USA I31189
13 Monroe, Melva Elois  1935Candler, Georgia, USA I31191
14 Monroe, William Washington  1935Candler, Georgia, USA I31186
15 Powell, Cora Lee  1984Candler, Georgia, USA I4064
16 Powell, James Coy  1993Candler, Georgia, USA I3970
17 Powell, James Walter  1966Candler, Georgia, USA I6195
18 Powell, Lela  Candler, Georgia, USA I6193
19 Powell, Myrtle  Candler, Georgia, USA I6188
20 Saturday, Ceil Belle  Candler, Georgia, USA I5642
21 Spell, Thomas Watson Sr  Candler, Georgia, USA I6293
22 Wilkes, Harvie  1980Candler, Georgia, USA I15927
23 Williams, John G  Candler, Georgia, USA I26647
24 Wrenn, Raymond  1949Candler, Georgia, USA I6586