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Camden, Georgia, USA


Latitude: 30.9500000, Longitude: -81.6666700


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cason, Hillery Houston  1829Camden, Georgia, USA I3744
2 Cason, John B  8 Jan 1817Camden, Georgia, USA I3745
3 Cason, Susan  1819Camden, Georgia, USA I3746
4 Cason, Willis  1850Camden, Georgia, USA I8910
5 Clark, John Lee  27 Oct 1855Camden, Georgia, USA I10791
6 Clark, John Lee  11 Jan 1938Camden, Georgia, USA I7982
7 Collier, Piety  1820Camden, Georgia, USA I35997
8 Crews, Archibald  1821Camden, Georgia, USA I35909
9 Crews, Archibald Graham  Feb 1819Camden, Georgia, USA I31586
10 Crews, Bryant  1824Camden, Georgia, USA I35910
11 Crews, Calvin MacDonald  May 1832Camden, Georgia, USA I40714
12 Crews, James  1819Camden, Georgia, USA I35907
13 Crews, Joseph L  1825Camden, Georgia, USA I39811
14 Crews, Lucinda  26 Aug 1852Camden, Georgia, USA I34124
15 Crews, Samuel  1820Camden, Georgia, USA I35908
16 Fouraker, Nathan  1820Camden, Georgia, USA I22841
17 Fouraker, Nathan  31 Dec 1848Camden, Georgia, USA I21998
18 Fouraker, Zilpha  1844Camden, Georgia, USA I12335
19 Hadley, Elizabeth  1808Camden, Georgia, USA I8909
20 Hodges, James Jackson  15 Sep 1847Camden, Georgia, USA I35982
21 Hodges, John Riley  15 Apr 1852Camden, Georgia, USA I35988
22 Hodges, Mary  3 Nov 1845Camden, Georgia, USA I35980
23 Hodges, Sarah Clarky  20 Jul 1845Camden, Georgia, USA I40594
24 Hodges, William Lee  30 Sep 1843Camden, Georgia, USA I35977
25 Hodges, Willis Alexander  18 Nov 1849Camden, Georgia, USA I35984
26 Johns, Mahalia  17 Feb 1827Camden, Georgia, USA I2353
27 Johnson, Elizabeth  Apr 1854Camden, Georgia, USA I20709
28 Marcum, William W  1806Camden, Georgia, USA I3951
29 Mills, James Woodrow  25 Jan 1879Camden, Georgia, USA I42423
30 Petty, Edward  1847Camden, Georgia, USA I41429
31 Petty, Esther  1843Camden, Georgia, USA I41427
32 Petty, Lina  1850Camden, Georgia, USA I41441
33 Petty, Sibby  1842Camden, Georgia, USA I41426
34 Petty, Thomas F  20 Mar 1846Camden, Georgia, USA I41428
35 Robinson, Cassie  Feb 1829Camden, Georgia, USA I1777
36 Robinson, James  1845Camden, Georgia, USA I1786
37 Robinson, Jesse  25 Mar 1844Camden, Georgia, USA I1785
38 Robinson, John Ansel  27 Mar 1831Camden, Georgia, USA I1779
39 Roddenberry, D Frank  25 Jan 1853Camden, Georgia, USA I10583
40 Rowe, Charity S  20 May 1840Camden, Georgia, USA I3854
41 Stokes, Sarah Ann  8 May 1850Camden, Georgia, USA I38570
42 Wainwright, Elias Knight  22 Oct 1843Camden, Georgia, USA I9735
43 Wiggins, James Jackson  29 Aug 1866Camden, Georgia, USA I15642
44 Wildes, Netha Gertrude  29 Aug 1908Camden, Georgia, USA I7947


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Altman, Katie Sophrenia  31 Oct 1974Camden, Georgia, USA I3259
2 Conner, Mary Polly  3 Jul 1847Camden, Georgia, USA I3739
3 Crews, Alexander  Mar 1850Camden, Georgia, USA I5466
4 Fouraker, Nathan  1 Jan 1906Camden, Georgia, USA I22841
5 Harden, Norma Clarice  14 Sep 1990Camden, Georgia, USA I39888
6 Harden, William Clarence  7 Dec 2003Camden, Georgia, USA I39886
7 Mitchell, Elizabeth  1858Camden, Georgia, USA I31589
8 Parrish, Ezekiel  1833Camden, Georgia, USA I2478
9 Robinson, Cohen Hamp  10 Dec 1961Camden, Georgia, USA I11946
10 Robinson, Harry Edward  14 Jan 1947Camden, Georgia, USA I1849
11 Robinson, Robert  Abt 1840Camden, Georgia, USA I1758


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Wildes, Stephen Douglas Sr  30 Sep 1992Camden, Georgia, USA I7320


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Barber, Israel  1809Camden, Georgia, USA I1854
2 Cason, Isaac Conner  1850Camden, Georgia, USA I3749
3 Cason, Willoughby  1850Camden, Georgia, USA I3740
4 Hadley, Elizabeth  1850Camden, Georgia, USA I8909
5 Harden, Norma Clarice  1990Camden, Georgia, USA I39888
6 Kimbrell, Hubert Leon  1995Camden, Georgia, USA I7719
7 Lowther, King Solomon  1850Camden, Georgia, USA I3099
8 O'Steen, Easter  2 Oct 1850Camden, Georgia, USA I1748
9 Robinson, Ansel  1850Camden, Georgia, USA I1781
10 Robinson, Cohen Hamp  Camden, Georgia, USA I11946
11 Robinson, Curtis  2 Oct 1850Camden, Georgia, USA I1784
12 Robinson, James  1850Camden, Georgia, USA I1786
13 Robinson, James Jr.  1850Camden, Georgia, USA I1747
14 Robinson, James Jr.  2 Oct 1850Camden, Georgia, USA I1747
15 Robinson, Jesse  1850Camden, Georgia, USA I1785
16 Robinson, John Ansel  1850Camden, Georgia, USA I1779
17 Robinson, Matthew  2 Oct 1850Camden, Georgia, USA I1782
18 Robinson, Noah  1850Camden, Georgia, USA I1780
19 Robinson, Robert Thomas  1850Camden, Georgia, USA I1743
20 Strickland, Bertha Elvira  Camden, Georgia, USA I7172
21 Sweat, Daniel Edward Sr  1990Camden, Georgia, USA I7690
22 Tuttle, James Howard  1987Camden, Georgia, USA I42454
23 Vaughn, Jesse P  Camden, Georgia, USA I2576
24 Weeks, Ada  1850Camden, Georgia, USA I1760
25 Wildes, James Clarence Sr  Camden, Georgia, USA I3281
26 Yarbrough, Lizzie  Camden, Georgia, USA I21488


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cason / Hadley  22 Feb 1849Camden, Georgia, USA F1572
2 Crews / Robinson  21 Sep 1837Camden, Georgia, USA F824
3 Green / Crews  17 Apr 1844Camden, Georgia, USA F790
4 Hodges / Johns  23 Feb 1843Camden, Georgia, USA F800
5 Hodges / Leigh  1 Dec 1842Camden, Georgia, USA F12963
6 Knox / Harden  26 Aug 1989Camden, Georgia, USA F14810
7 O'Steen / Ellis  21 Sep 1820Camden, Georgia, USA F3554
8 Roberts / Burnett  20 Sep 1827Camden, Georgia, USA F3555
9 Rowe / FrancesTanner  15 Feb 1837Camden, Georgia, USA F16657