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Brantley, Georgia, USA


Latitude: 31.2000000, Longitude: -81.9833300


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Altman, Edna Margaret  3 Sep 1904Brantley, Georgia, USA I39979
2 Carter, Buford Avanda  10 Sep 1927Brantley, Georgia, USA I7914
3 Cleland, William Alfred III  3 Jul 1928Brantley, Georgia, USA I35239
4 Crews, Emeliza  21 Jan 1859Brantley, Georgia, USA I5472
5 Crews, Jesse  4 Jun 1888Brantley, Georgia, USA I38546
6 Crews, Monnie  19 Aug 1905Brantley, Georgia, USA I39884
7 Griffin, Dewey Shafter Jr  4 Sep 1924Brantley, Georgia, USA I38521
8 Griffin, James Mitchell  13 Nov 1927Brantley, Georgia, USA I38520
9 Griffin, Luvada  12 Oct 1916Brantley, Georgia, USA I36603
10 Griffin, Ollie Mae  12 May 1923Brantley, Georgia, USA I46324
11 Griffin, Roy Lee Jr  13 Nov 1958Brantley, Georgia, USA I44363
12 Griffin, Travis Lamar  17 Jul 1954Brantley, Georgia, USA I29198
13 Highsmith, Winston Cecil  3 Nov 1928Brantley, Georgia, USA I41730
14 Howell, Lorene  24 Mar 1916Brantley, Georgia, USA I7568
15 Steedley, Julian Edgar  24 Sep 1939Brantley, Georgia, USA I28396
16 Steedley, Merle Finette  22 Jun 1938Brantley, Georgia, USA I28393
17 Strickland, Bertha Elvira  4 Aug 1910Brantley, Georgia, USA I7172
18 Wildes, Alberta  8 Jul 1918Brantley, Georgia, USA I7910
19 Wildes, Bryant Beasley  31 Aug 1935Brantley, Georgia, USA I43656
20 Wildes, Mark Flournoy  1 Mar 1879Brantley, Georgia, USA I8175


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Altman, Alfred Clarence  28 Dec 1924Brantley, Georgia, USA I45065
2 Altman, Charlie H Sr  4 May 1931Brantley, Georgia, USA I10625
3 Altman, Frances  14 Sep 1921Brantley, Georgia, USA I38540
4 Altman, Jesse  1900Brantley, Georgia, USA I35852
5 Altman, Mittie  21 Jul 1962Brantley, Georgia, USA I40038
6 Altman, Riley  30 Jan 1965Brantley, Georgia, USA I40035
7 Altman, Rosa M  30 Apr 1926Brantley, Georgia, USA I10696
8 Ammons, Hettie Easter  30 Oct 1931Brantley, Georgia, USA I2232
9 Cleland, William Alfred III  3 Jul 1928Brantley, Georgia, USA I35239
10 Cleland, William Alfred Jr  27 Aug 1959Brantley, Georgia, USA I22050
11 Crews, Allen M  9 Aug 1951Brantley, Georgia, USA I35882
12 Crews, Bryant  1 Jan 1938Brantley, Georgia, USA I5473
13 Crews, Civility  1868Brantley, Georgia, USA I5467
14 Crews, Elizabeth  24 Oct 1911Brantley, Georgia, USA I5477
15 Crews, Mary A  31 May 1930Brantley, Georgia, USA I40460
16 Crews, Oscar C  23 Dec 1923Brantley, Georgia, USA I38550
17 Griffin, Travis Lamar  17 Jul 1954Brantley, Georgia, USA I29198
18 Harris, Christa Ida  6 Jan 1939Brantley, Georgia, USA I10243
19 Harris, Joseph Ebenezer  15 Jun 1918Brantley, Georgia, USA I5459
20 Harris, Noah Thomas  2 Nov 1961Brantley, Georgia, USA I10240
21 Harris, Seaborn Brantley  17 Nov 1950Brantley, Georgia, USA I10244
22 Hickox, Ethel  1 Sep 1949Brantley, Georgia, USA I10253
23 Jones, Dempthia Isabel  22 Oct 1901Brantley, Georgia, USA I43774
24 Jones, Perry Mizell  16 Feb 1928Brantley, Georgia, USA I43766
25 Landrum, Lewis Munroe  24 May 1990Brantley, Georgia, USA I29195
26 Melton, Basby A  22 Jan 1919Brantley, Georgia, USA I29627
27 Melton, Britt Bryant  5 Mar 1942Brantley, Georgia, USA I29626
28 Miles, Edna Alvina  3 Apr 1995Brantley, Georgia, USA I45664
29 Robinson, Marvin Hobson  1 Dec 1959Brantley, Georgia, USA I7399
30 Robinson, Mary  30 Oct 1943Brantley, Georgia, USA I3087
31 Robinson, William M  25 Jul 1948Brantley, Georgia, USA I36649
32 Sloan, Robert McCoy  7 Jun 1937Brantley, Georgia, USA I2447
33 Steedley, George Royal  28 Apr 1965Brantley, Georgia, USA I22051
34 Thomas, Lovey  13 Apr 1930Brantley, Georgia, USA I35860
35 Wainwright, Julia Ann  23 Jul 1934Brantley, Georgia, USA I10238
36 Wainwright, William Jackson  25 Feb 1968Brantley, Georgia, USA I42449


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Altman, Rosa M  1926Brantley, Georgia, USA I10696
2 Cleland, William Alfred Jr  Brantley, Georgia, USA I22050
3 Crews, Allen M  1951Brantley, Georgia, USA I35882
4 Griffin, Roy Lee  1969Brantley, Georgia, USA I29197
5 Harris, Ira Conrade  Brantley, Georgia, USA I10259
6 Harris, Minnie Mae  Brantley, Georgia, USA I10247
7 Harris, Noah Thomas  1961Brantley, Georgia, USA I10240
8 Harris, Seaborn Brantley  Brantley, Georgia, USA I10244
9 Harris, Solena Marion  Brantley, Georgia, USA I10262
10 Harris, Verdonia "Verdie"  Brantley, Georgia, USA I10246
11 Hickox, Ethel  Brantley, Georgia, USA I10253
12 Howard, James Henry  1984Brantley, Georgia, USA I45661
13 King, Charles Lamar  Brantley, Georgia, USA I7404
14 Merritt, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  Brantley, Georgia, USA I7400
15 Moody, James Cecil  Brantley, Georgia, USA I7402
16 Robinson, Marvin Hobson  1959Brantley, Georgia, USA I7399
17 Robinson, Sarah Jane  Brantley, Georgia, USA I3088
18 Royster, Jessie Wiltse  Brantley, Georgia, USA I7408
19 Steedley, Julian Edgar  1968Brantley, Georgia, USA I28396
20 Taylor, Alice Helen  1995Brantley, Georgia, USA I30878
21 Thrift, Ernest  Brantley, Georgia, USA I10679
22 Thrift, James Arthur  Brantley, Georgia, USA I10677
23 Thrift, William Wilson  Brantley, Georgia, USA I10675
24 Wildes, Mark Flournoy  1961Brantley, Georgia, USA I8175