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Appling, Georgia, USA


Latitude: 31.7666700, Longitude: -82.3000000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Harriett  20 Mar 1857Appling, Georgia, USA I30679
2 Carter, Mary Ann  1860Appling, Georgia, USA I39431
3 Carter, Rebecca Ann  9 May 1858Appling, Georgia, USA I39423
4 Cason, James  1820Appling, Georgia, USA I12010
5 Dyess, Aaron D  1828Appling, Georgia, USA I12420
6 Dyess, Ezekiel  7 Apr 1821Appling, Georgia, USA I12317
7 Dyess, Moses  1828Appling, Georgia, USA I12421
8 Hall, Elizabeth  3 Mar 1852Appling, Georgia, USA I11948
9 Harris, Civil  25 Dec 1838Appling, Georgia, USA I10604
10 Holton, Eliza Ann  Between 1837 and 1838Appling, Georgia, USA I3182
11 Hughes, Sarah  1849Appling, Georgia, USA I41086
12 Johnson, Acley  1871Appling, Georgia, USA I38799
13 Johnson, Andrew Jackson  Apr 1879Appling, Georgia, USA I38796
14 Johnson, David  1821Appling, Georgia, USA I38794
15 Johnson, Eliza  1867Appling, Georgia, USA I38798
16 Johnson, Florida  1862Appling, Georgia, USA I38797
17 Johnson, John  1855Appling, Georgia, USA I38802
18 Johnson, Lilie  1877Appling, Georgia, USA I38801
19 Johnson, Mary Catherine  1864Appling, Georgia, USA I38792
20 Kirkland, John Cobb  27 Jun 1824Appling, Georgia, USA I32260
21 Knowles, James Jackson  20 Feb 1835Appling, Georgia, USA I10389
22 Lee, James Monroe  3 Mar 1869Appling, Georgia, USA I30667
23 Melton, David  1840Appling, Georgia, USA I8380
24 Melton, Green Fordyce  27 Mar 1880Appling, Georgia, USA I34067
25 Melton, Green T  15 Feb 1877Appling, Georgia, USA I29573
26 Melton, Infant  15 Sep 1889Appling, Georgia, USA I29574
27 Melton, James W  Abt 1904Appling, Georgia, USA I33780
28 Melton, Jessie  20 Feb 1886Appling, Georgia, USA I29580
29 Melton, John Edgar Jr  8 Aug 1898Appling, Georgia, USA I30001
30 Melton, Martha G  Jul 1898Appling, Georgia, USA I29696
31 Melton, Nan E  1906Appling, Georgia, USA I30002
32 Melton, Zeta  May 1897Appling, Georgia, USA I29695
33 Milton, Alton Vance  11 Mar 1905Appling, Georgia, USA I29697
34 Milton, Earl Vance Sr  15 Sep 1935Appling, Georgia, USA I29699
35 Milton, James  1849Appling, Georgia, USA I2057
36 Milton, Robert  1826Appling, Georgia, USA I1522
37 Milton, William Riley  5 Dec 1845Appling, Georgia, USA I2058
38 Murray, James Franklin  30 Jan 1934Appling, Georgia, USA I33832
39 Musick, John Jackson  Jun 1825Appling, Georgia, USA I4327
40 Nettles, Elizabeth  18 Mar 1833Appling, Georgia, USA I32261
41 Nettles, John Jackson Sr  14 Aug 1861Appling, Georgia, USA I3764
42 Padgett, Lucy  1825Appling, Georgia, USA I22842
43 Parker, Tanty P  30 Sep 1896Appling, Georgia, USA I2092
44 Patterson, Allen  Jan 1870Appling, Georgia, USA I10848
45 Patterson, Daisy  1878Appling, Georgia, USA I10850
46 Patterson, Wealthy  1871Appling, Georgia, USA I10849
47 Robinson  1878Appling, Georgia, USA I10805
48 Robinson, Allen Powell  1876Appling, Georgia, USA I10804
49 Robinson, Anna  1874Appling, Georgia, USA I10803
50 Robinson, Ida  1872Appling, Georgia, USA I10802

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barber, Frances  Aft 7 Oct 1852Appling, Georgia, USA I2200
2 Carter, Lydia  29 Jun 1926Appling, Georgia, USA I41934
3 Gray, Martha A  25 Jan 1890Appling, Georgia, USA I29568
4 Griffis, Charles  Abt 1875Appling, Georgia, USA I32577
5 Hardin, Jane  Between 15 Aug 1850 and 27 Jun 1860Appling, Georgia, USA I1537
6 Harris, Thompson  1866Appling, Georgia, USA I5482
7 Hughes, Isham  1890Appling, Georgia, USA I41085
8 Johnson, Andrew Jackson  25 Aug 1931Appling, Georgia, USA I38796
9 Johnson, David  8 Nov 1887Appling, Georgia, USA I38794
10 Melton, Charles W  2 Sep 1923Appling, Georgia, USA I29575
11 Melton, Green Berry  1892Appling, Georgia, USA I29567
12 Melton, Green T  8 Mar 1877Appling, Georgia, USA I29573
13 Melton, Green Thomas  12 Jan 1904Appling, Georgia, USA I29569
14 Melton, Infant  15 Sep 1889Appling, Georgia, USA I29574
15 Melton, Jessie  7 Mar 1919Appling, Georgia, USA I29580
16 Reese, Claude L  18 Jan 1976Appling, Georgia, USA I21588
17 Robinson, John  1835Appling, Georgia, USA I1757
18 Robinson, William  1857Appling, Georgia, USA I10228
19 Rolls, Nicie  20 Feb 1959Appling, Georgia, USA I27089
20 Sellers, Cinderella  8 Dec 1885Appling, Georgia, USA I40871
21 Sellers, Freeman W  1881Appling, Georgia, USA I40878
22 Sellers, John  UNKNOWNAppling, Georgia, USA I1769
23 Sellers, Leacy  1894Appling, Georgia, USA I41084
24 Sellers, Samuel  1845Appling, Georgia, USA I28816
25 Surrency  1868Appling, Georgia, USA I10819
26 Surrency, Lula Virginia  Jul 1903Appling, Georgia, USA I10814
27 Surrency, Sarah Elizabeth  4 Nov 1921Appling, Georgia, USA I10817
28 Wildes, Harry Clayton  9 Nov 1975Appling, Georgia, USA I3261


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Johnson, David  12 Dec 1887Appling, Georgia, USA I38794


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Aaron, Herman  1992Appling, Georgia, USA I33774
2 Barber, Frances  1850Appling, Georgia, USA I2200
3 Carter, Sarah  1860Appling, Georgia, USA I10233
4 Cason, Eli  1820Appling, Georgia, USA I1834
5 Melton, Charles W  4 Apr 1904Appling, Georgia, USA I29575
6 Melton, Green Thomas  27 Apr 1886Appling, Georgia, USA I29569
7 Melton, Green Thomas  17 Jun 1898Appling, Georgia, USA I29569
8 Milton, Algernon Solomon  20 Dec 1845Appling, Georgia, USA I1536
9 Milton, Algernon Solomon  24 Oct 1846Appling, Georgia, USA I1536
10 Milton, Algernon Solomon  27 Jun 1860Appling, Georgia, USA I1536
11 O'Steen, John Jr  1820Appling, Georgia, USA I1759
12 Patterson, Solomon  1860Appling, Georgia, USA I10846
13 Reese, Claude L  Appling, Georgia, USA I21588
14 Robinson, George  1860Appling, Georgia, USA I10798
15 Robinson, Miranda  1860Appling, Georgia, USA I27985
16 Robinson, Nancy  1860Appling, Georgia, USA I10799
17 Robinson, William  1860Appling, Georgia, USA I10796
18 Sellers, Jane  1850Appling, Georgia, USA I1517
19 Sellers, Jane  1860Appling, Georgia, USA I1517
20 Sellers, John  1820Appling, Georgia, USA I1769
21 Sellers, John  1850Appling, Georgia, USA I1445
22 Sellers, John  1860Appling, Georgia, USA I1445
23 Sellers, Keziah  1850Appling, Georgia, USA I1513
24 Sellers, Keziah  1860Appling, Georgia, USA I1513
25 Sellers, Lucretia Ann  1860Appling, Georgia, USA I1487
26 Sellers, Manning  1860Appling, Georgia, USA I1147
27 Sellers, Nancy Ann  1850Appling, Georgia, USA I1751
28 Sellers, Nellie  1850Appling, Georgia, USA I1486
29 Sellers, Nellie  1860Appling, Georgia, USA I1486
30 Sellers, Samuel  1850Appling, Georgia, USA I1485
31 Sellers, Sarah  1850Appling, Georgia, USA I1679
32 Sellers, Sarah  1860Appling, Georgia, USA I1679
33 Surrency, George Allen  1954Appling, Georgia, USA I10820
34 Wheeler, Burrell  30 Aug 1850Appling, Georgia, USA I1501
35 Wheeler, Burrell  17 Jul 1860Appling, Georgia, USA I1501
36 Wheeler, Charles  1830Appling, Georgia, USA I3558
37 Wheeler, Charles  17 Jul 1860Appling, Georgia, USA I3558
38 Wheeler, Charles McCollister  Appling, Georgia, USA I3077
39 Wheeler, Charles McCollister  1860Appling, Georgia, USA I3077
40 Wheeler, Willoby  1860Appling, Georgia, USA I3065
41 Wildes, Harry Clayton  Appling, Georgia, USA I3261


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carter / Sellers  Appling, Georgia, USA F792
2 Dyal / Wilkes  9 Jun 1901Appling, Georgia, USA F9284
3 Johnson / Wilkes  Dec 1849Appling, Georgia, USA F14282
4 Melton / Mann  28 Sep 1870Appling, Georgia, USA F10117
5 Milton / Hardin  Abt 1825Appling, Georgia, USA F681
6 Robinson / Carter  1828Appling, Georgia, USA F3763
7 Sellers / Rowe  Abt 1834Appling, Georgia, USA F806
8 Wheeler / Holton  1860Appling, Georgia, USA F1339
9 Wilkes / Dyal  22 Mar 1855Appling, Georgia, USA F5491