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Alabama, USA


Latitude: 32.7502800, Longitude: -86.7502800


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Wade F  1920Alabama, USA I28376
2 Bishop, Nancy  1856Alabama, USA I21183
3 Blanton, Mary F  1857Alabama, USA I29311
4 Bradley, Emma Gayle  26 Jan 1947Alabama, USA I28801
5 Brooks, Sarah Frances  18 Dec 1846Alabama, USA I29169
6 Brown, Audrey  1919Alabama, USA I29116
7 Brown, Elizabeth  Dec 1860Alabama, USA I31903
8 Brown, Elma  6 Feb 1914Alabama, USA I29110
9 Brown, Ethel  1910Alabama, USA I29114
10 Brown, Eva  1908Alabama, USA I29113
11 Brown, James S  1902Alabama, USA I3423
12 Brown, Roy  1913Alabama, USA I29115
13 Bundy, Ada Lou  10 Jan 1910Alabama, USA I19650
14 Burnham, Homer Leland  1912Alabama, USA I1478
15 Carroll, Hillary  1915Alabama, USA I18010
16 Carroll, Hillois  1918Alabama, USA I18011
17 Carroll, William Foreman  1884Alabama, USA I18009
18 Cason, Myrtie  1898Alabama, USA I9183
19 Cason, Susan  1815Alabama, USA I4713
20 Childress, Eliza Jane  22 Sep 1848Alabama, USA I21370
21 Cotten, John Dennis  15 Jul 1920Alabama, USA I34269
22 Cotten, John J  Aug 1858Alabama, USA I19231
23 Cotten, Mildred Louise  Jan 1931Alabama, USA I19241
24 Cross, James W  28 Jun 1861Alabama, USA I16015
25 Davis, Mattie  31 Aug 1891Alabama, USA I14695
26 Davis, Willie P  Abt 1900Alabama, USA I33028
27 Dennis, Odessa  23 Jul 1904Alabama, USA I9802
28 Dix, Mary Belle  23 Dec 1904Alabama, USA I33496
29 Dodson, Mavis  1891Alabama, USA I24323
30 Dorman, Annie Jim  27 Dec 1935Alabama, USA I36175
31 Dyal, Bernice  1920Alabama, USA I22286
32 Dyal, Stanley Eugene  21 Feb 1927Alabama, USA I22289
33 Dyal, William Gladice  6 Jan 1918Alabama, USA I22285
34 Edins, Arrie  1872Alabama, USA I15322
35 Gardner, Reverend George W  28 Feb 1854Alabama, USA I24311
36 Goff, Chesley  25 Dec 1851Alabama, USA I42064
37 Goff, Ila F  1898Alabama, USA I42061
38 Goggans, Eleanor  14 Dec 1919Alabama, USA I35105
39 Gowan, Jack Arthur  17 Aug 1931Alabama, USA I25424
40 Graves, Elkin Jack  27 Mar 1929Alabama, USA I31999
41 Graves, Susan Lois  11 Oct 1911Alabama, USA I36157
42 Gresham, Martha A  1838Alabama, USA I9575
43 Harcrow, Mary Jane  Feb 1846Alabama, USA I17229
44 Harris, Ruby G  4 Jun 1928Alabama, USA I29911
45 Harris, Thomas Sr  9 Apr 1898Alabama, USA I29908
46 Helms, Margaret Belle  1890Alabama, USA I18021
47 Herlong, V J  16 Jun 1908Alabama, USA I3366
48 Hester, Eunice Grenada  16 Jul 1871Alabama, USA I19811
49 Hudson, Mary Elizabeth  12 Mar 1905Alabama, USA I285
50 Hybart, Josephine C  Nov 1845Alabama, USA I29101

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brooks, Sarah Frances  18 Feb 1929Alabama, USA I29169
2 Caraway, Lizzie M  26 Jun 1941Alabama, USA I29927
3 Cranford, Martha "Patsy"  1911Alabama, USA I21341
4 Cranford, Nancy Emily  20 Sep 1919Alabama, USA I21349
5 Crider, Martha  Abt 1825Alabama, USA I13692
6 Dunagan, William H  Bef 26 Nov 1891Alabama, USA I15411
7 Duncan, William Henry  6 Nov 1919Alabama, USA I34818
8 Gardner, Oscar Lee  17 Dec 1881Alabama, USA I24313
9 James, Janet Carol  12 Feb 2001Alabama, USA I8016
10 Lamar, Mary E  22 May 1890Alabama, USA I19254
11 Lawson, Joseph Winright  16 Jun 1906Alabama, USA I15284
12 MacLay, William Duncan  Oct 1963Alabama, USA I17902
13 McCorkle, John  23 Jan 1895Alabama, USA I33251
14 McLeod, Elizabeth  5 Feb 1873Alabama, USA I33250
15 McLeod, Neil  Aft 1850Alabama, USA I30611
16 Nobles, Susie Addie  9 Aug 1924Alabama, USA I13786
17 Savage, Charlotte  8 Jan 1920Alabama, USA I24306
18 Self, Sarah Ada  1 Jan 1959Alabama, USA I36045
19 Steedley, William Dale  20 May 2000Alabama, USA I204
20 Thomas, Mary  1843Alabama, USA I20804
21 Thompson, Alice  25 Aug 2010Alabama, USA I40643
22 Thompson, Thelma  Jun 1992Alabama, USA I40646
23 White, James Thomas  12 May 1972Alabama, USA I36046
24 Wilkes, Alto Monroe  6 Mar 1895Alabama, USA I14336
25 Wilkes, Mary A  25 Dec 1883Alabama, USA I24301
26 Wilks, Elton Kermit  1 Apr 1980Alabama, USA I24321
27 Wilks, John Asa  28 Feb 1899Alabama, USA I24308
28 Wise, Jesse Virgil  14 Sep 1967Alabama, USA I29179
29 Wise, Morgan L  30 Aug 1958Alabama, USA I29176
30 Wise, Viola  10 Jul 1960Alabama, USA I29177
31 Wood, Henry M  25 Jan 1968Alabama, USA I13785


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gillen, Ralph Kennie  Jul 1895Alabama, USA I32957
2 Wilkes, Virgie  5 Sep 1887Alabama, USA I17846


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Wilkes, Mordecai Dabney  1862Alabama, USA I24303


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Parker, Simon Peter  Alabama, USA I35506
2 Wildes, Michael Layten  Alabama, USA I7317
3 Wilkes, Mordecai Dabney  1862Alabama, USA I24303

SSN issued

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    SSN issued    Person ID 
1 Baggett, Pearl  Bef 1951Alabama, USA I27552
2 Beasley, Dewey Arnold  Alabama, USA I22022
3 Bradley, Emma Gayle  1973Alabama, USA I28801
4 Bradley, Horace Arcus  Bef 1951Alabama, USA I28799
5 Bryant, Bonnie Lee  Alabama, USA I7054
6 Bryant, Eula V  Alabama, USA I7056
7 Bundy, Ada Lou  Alabama, USA I19650
8 Burnham, Reedus Norman  Bef 1951Alabama, USA I22582
9 Cotten, Arthur Bean  Alabama, USA I19235
10 Cotten, Mattie Bean  Alabama, USA I19239
11 Dyal, Stanley Eugene  Alabama, USA I22289
12 Dyal, William Gladice  Alabama, USA I22285
13 Johnson, Duncan Robert  Alabama, USA I4172
14 Lawson, Barney Vinyard  Alabama, USA I17223
15 Lawson, Horace Fay Jr  Alabama, USA I22044
16 MaClay, William D Jr  Alabama, USA I17901
17 MacLay, William Duncan  Alabama, USA I17902
18 McDonald, Hosea Palestine  Alabama, USA I7433
19 Miles, Sara Ambritt  Alabama, USA I22319
20 Milton, Annalee  Alabama, USA I20447
21 Musgrove, William L Clarence  Bef 1951Alabama, USA I26780
22 Phillips, Alford Byrd Jr  Bef 1951Alabama, USA I23249
23 Phillips, Catherine Elizabeth  1962Alabama, USA I23250
24 Prescott, Marcus Edmond Sr  Bef 1951Alabama, USA I7598
25 Reid, Alice  Alabama, USA I11381
26 Slappey, Jerome Arno  Bef 1951Alabama, USA I27938
27 Steedley, William Dale  1984Alabama, USA I204
28 Terry, Doctor Lucius Lamar  Alabama, USA I23239
29 Thrift, Carl Eugene  Alabama, USA I25802
30 Thrift, Eugene Carlton  Alabama, USA I24465
31 Thrift, General Anson  Alabama, USA I10674
32 Warrick, Carol Anne  1959Alabama, USA I29054
33 Warrick, Doctor George Wilks  Bef 1951Alabama, USA I29052
34 Wheeler, Marion  Bef 1951Alabama, USA I10924
35 Wilkes, Alto  Bef 1951Alabama, USA I15337
36 Wilkes, Billy Howard  1957Alabama, USA I29302
37 Wilkes, Dewey W  Alabama, USA I15325
38 Wilkes, Edsel  Alabama, USA I19652
39 Wilkes, Elsie Delores  Alabama, USA I17884
40 Wilkes, Foy  1959Alabama, USA I18019
41 Wilkes, Harvey Eugene  Alabama, USA I25528
42 Wilkes, Mary V  Alabama, USA I15335
43 Wilkes, William David  Alabama, USA I25533
44 Wilkes, William Pugh  Alabama, USA I14324
45 Wilks, James Clyde  Bef 1951Alabama, USA I24322
46 Wilks, Mary Edith  Bef 1951Alabama, USA I24318
47 Wood, Ann  Bef 1951Alabama, USA I27348
48 Worthington, Theoda W  Alabama, USA I22043


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Unspecified    Person ID 
1 Parker, Simon Peter  10 Sep 1838Alabama, USA I35506


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dowling / Westervelt  Dec 1943Alabama, USA F10237
2 Wilkes / Brown  Aft 1856Alabama, USA F5015
3 Wilkes / McNeese  18 Mar 1821Alabama, USA F4926