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Appling, Georgia, USA


Latitude: 31.7666700, Longitude: -82.3000000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
51 Robinson, Lula  1888Appling, Georgia, USA I10807
52 Robinson, Miranda  1850Appling, Georgia, USA I27985
53 Robinson, Missouri  1880Appling, Georgia, USA I10806
54 Robinson, William  1808Appling, Georgia, USA I10228
55 Robinson, William  1889Appling, Georgia, USA I10808
56 Sellers, Belle  15 Jun 1853Appling, Georgia, USA I8086
57 Sellers, Julia America  1865Appling, Georgia, USA I1489
58 Sellers, Mary  1850Appling, Georgia, USA I41087
59 Sellers, Nellie  Feb 1849Appling, Georgia, USA I1486
60 Steedley, William Hoytt  30 Aug 1930Appling, Georgia, USA I39946
61 Surrency  1868Appling, Georgia, USA I10819
62 Surrency, Alexander P  1874Appling, Georgia, USA I10841
63 Surrency, Allen Pendleton  1864Appling, Georgia, USA I10816
64 Surrency, Clementine M  1856Appling, Georgia, USA I10815
65 Surrency, John H  12 Jun 1860Appling, Georgia, USA I10818
66 Surrency, Lula Virginia  15 Sep 1869Appling, Georgia, USA I10814
67 Surrency, Robert C  1866Appling, Georgia, USA I10812
68 Surrency, Samuel Darling  28 Apr 1858Appling, Georgia, USA I10811
69 Surrency, Sarah Elizabeth  20 Aug 1853Appling, Georgia, USA I10817
70 Swain, John Lamar  17 Jun 1879Appling, Georgia, USA I38790
71 Sweatman, Charlie David  19 Oct 1877Appling, Georgia, USA I29046
72 Tillman, Doris May  6 Feb 1929Appling, Georgia, USA I8147
73 Wheeler, America  1846Appling, Georgia, USA I3067
74 Wheeler, Asbury McCollister  1835Appling, Georgia, USA I3075
75 Wheeler, Burrell  25 Aug 1849Appling, Georgia, USA I1501
76 Wheeler, Charles McCollister  25 Aug 1838Appling, Georgia, USA I3077
77 Wheeler, Elizabeth  4 Aug 1841Appling, Georgia, USA I3068
78 Williams, John Wesley  22 Jan 1898Appling, Georgia, USA I40097
79 Wren, Mary K  1815Appling, Georgia, USA I3183
80 Yarbrough, John W  1837Appling, Georgia, USA I34105
81 Yawn, Clayton S  25 Jul 1895Appling, Georgia, USA I41936

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